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27 September 2009 - 11:26 PM

Hi again everyone.
WOW! What an awesomely warm welcome you have all given me. It even made me a little teary (I'm like that). Thankyou so much.
I will try to find my way to the PSP forum. That sounds great. I will also try to put a little pic of myself in the profile as well as try to upload a couple of layouts. I would really love some feedback for improvement.
Would you believe that I haven't been on a forum before??? and I must be one of the very few people who don't have a blog or subscribe to Facebook etc. So I have so very much to learn from you all. I don't even know how to put those little smiley faces in my text.LOL
Hi Jane....yes Gipssland is in Victoria. Gippsland is the region - we actually live near Lakes Entrance which is a coastal holiday resort on the south coast.
Hi Anne-Marie. Nice to meet another Aussie. Where abouts do you live?
I love the sound of an evening chat, however Jeff has found that we need a new Java somethingorother and seems he doesn't think it will work for us....so I will have to settle for no chats just now.
Hi Yvonne....yes, digi scrapping is proving a wonderful subject for our art/craft lessons. So far my 10yrD is well hooked and she has gotten her 12yr brother started and now my 14 yr old son is asking to have Corel installed on his computer so he can scrap also. :) isn't that great? Hannah was even asking if there was any provision for children scrappers to share?

And thankyou so much to the lovely lady who gave detailed info on loading brushes (I forgot to write down your name and don't know how to get back there without losing this). I can't wait to try it out.

Thanks again everyone. I feel very welcome and looking forward to participating more.