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In Topic: Photo book with few photos

06 January 2017 - 01:46 PM

OOoooh, yes, interviewing folks is a GREAT idea, CRS! Glad you added that one!

In Topic: Photo book with few photos

06 January 2017 - 12:35 PM

I come from a yearbook background so I totally get your problem! Sometimes you just don't get the photo coverage you were hoping for! Here are some ways I've tackled those situations:


1. Consider the quality of the photo.

If the one photo you have from the heart walk is really great -- then feature it larger and central, along with copy (journaling) about the event, how many members walked, how much was raised, even the weather they had that day, etc. A group photo with lots of happy people who walked, etc., can be worthy of a one pager all to itself, all by itself. (That said, I would probably just do one page for the photo, along with the title/text about the event on that same page.)


2. Fake a few pics.

This isn't as deceptive as it sounds. If the heart walk LO could be complemented by a few pics that you take after-the-fact -- such as close-ups of feet walking on a road... close-up of the stuff from the walk, such as logo or brochure from the walk, the badge numbers of some walkers (if the participants were given those paper badges they pin on their clothing with a participant number), or even some things you do screen-captures on from the heart walk website, if it was a community org that had its own website, etc. Or even a pic representing a map of the walk route. The symphony subject could definitely have some things you pull from a website -- their logo, other pics from other symphony events (an orchestra pic is an orchestra pic, no matter when it was taken....).


3. Pair the main pic with mug shots or a group shot.

Let the main pic take center stage (if it's photo-worthy) and pair it with a grouping of smiling mug shots of the gals who participated in that event (taken after the fact -- even pull their pics from their FB profiles). Or pair the main pic with a group shot (obviously after the fact) of those who participated -- even if it's the group who went to the symphony and they aren't in their evening attire, it's still a representative shot of those who went -- and it will be meaningful to them that you've recorded those who went to the event. List "not pictured" folks, too, who went to the event but were unable to be in the after-the-fact picture.


4. Pair the main pic with participant quotes.

Put the pic center stage and then let participant quotes fill in some areas where you would otherwise put photos -- comments from people who did the walk or who went to the symphony.


5. Group together events that have few pics.

If any of those one-photo events happened in the same month ("December Events") or even the same season ("Fall Events" or "More Fall Events"), group them together on one page under the shared title. You can include the photo of each event and a short paragraph explaining the basics of the event, how many attended from your sorority, or how much money was raised, etc.



Hope that helps! Good luck!



In Topic: Newbie to this site

04 January 2017 - 11:22 AM

Hi, Trish! Welcome to SG! Hope you will drop by and find all kinds of inspiration here! We'd love to get to know you better. :-)