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Today, 02:13 AM

Funny, I love the pumpkin lattes.

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Today, 02:11 AM


Scallop Potatoes

Tossed Salad/Macoroni



Bocce (because I don't know what that is)

I won't be at the chat, 3am, but I hope we get enough time to do the layout. Or will we have to have it done in 1 hour. That leaves me out. 

Love these scraps.

In Topic: Clipping One Large Photo To Sectioned Template

Yesterday, 02:08 AM

Welcome to Scrap Girls.

In Topic: Removing People From A Photo Using Pse

Yesterday, 02:03 AM

Wow, thanks for this. I must go see if it is in PSE 13.

In Topic: Samsung Galaxy Tab4

23 May 2015 - 12:56 AM

I read my books and play games on my IPad and Samsung S5 phone. I either get free books or buy them. Never used the library. Sorry no help here.