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Amazing Information About Pse

31 May 2013 - 12:23 AM

I may be the only person who hasn't heard about this but I hope it is news to someone. Today I received an email entitled "Top Posts this week on Google+"

One item was a broadcast from Ron Clifford entitled "Are there really any Photoshop secrets" It was a real eye opener.

Apparently PSE has nearly all the capabilities of PS but they are hidden. For the princely sum of about $12 you can purchase a custom script from elementsplus.net which will allow you to access these and is very easy to instal.

Seems if you bought PSE through the Apple store then it doesn't work. It is supposed to work with any version of PSE.

With the recent changes to PS it may be an alternative for some folk.

I'm not really up with PS so I hope I have this right. Perhaps someone who knows more would take a look and see if I'm confused or not.


Seems amazing if it's true. Maybe BarbaraC would know. Thanks for bearing with me. I'm not very technically minded. Kay

Free "perfection Easy Pages"

03 May 2013 - 06:32 PM

I was excited to read in the NewsLetter about the free Easy pages for National Scrap book Day but was unsure of a few things.
Do you have to be on Facebook to get them ( Which I am not) or are they available elsewhere?.
Must you put in an order to receive them?
I would appreciate help with the above if any one knows.
Are the 99c prints available outside the US?
Thank you. Kay