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In Topic: Friday July 25Th Freebie Challenge

Today, 06:02 AM

Yay!  Diane!!! That's great, wowie.   :)

In Topic: It's Celebration Time! 7-26-14

Today, 04:59 AM

Happy Birthday Dora!  :)

In Topic: 6 Letter Words

Yesterday, 09:39 PM



next word begins with E

In Topic: The Scrap Girls World Tour

Yesterday, 09:38 PM

I'm not sure about the double dipping, Ann. Maybe Theresa or Valerie can clarify that for us???



Ok, group photo! Everyone line up along the Great Wall!!! Wouldn't that be amazing??


Oh, I LIKE the idea of a group photo, Carla!   Very cool!  :)

In Topic: The Scrap Girls World Tour

Yesterday, 09:36 PM

My big mid-month project is done so I'm jumping back in. I might do some of the tasks out of order to catch up, if that's okay. 

This is an easy vacation and tour Tina - so scrap away in any order! 

And, I do love your pretty had, it looks lovely on you!  :)