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Today, 04:07 PM

HotScrapper thank you. The folder with the actions sits on my desktop. When I right click the icon, I do not have the option to restore previous  versions.That would be great. Only the check mark on " use this app for all .atn files. and keep using PSE. If I click on more options I get all the software on my computer. Like Adobe Reader, IE, Picture manager etc.I did contact the designer but she was no help either.


Oh, gosh, how frustrtating and I"m so sorry this is still not working for you.

So, the folder with the action is on your desktop.  When you "right click the icon" are you right clicking the action icon or the action folder?

I wish we could help you figure it out, I'm hoping someone else will come along too.

In Topic: Actions Help

Yesterday, 08:42 PM

Thank you for the suggestion. It did not help. I still cannot install, or open the action. It was labeled .atn, and now it is just the PSE icon. I guess I can't change it back.


I hope GInny's suggestion works, let us know how you make out.

I'm sorry I misunderstood that the entire action had changed properties.   Fingers crossed for you.

In Topic: Scrap Girls World Tour - March 2015

Yesterday, 08:37 PM

I hope it's okay for a complete newbie with two left feet to come aboard!  Here is my ATC !  Nice to meet you ladies!


Nice to meet you Tara and so glad you are joining in and traveling along.  

In Topic: Scrap Girls World Tour - March 2015

Yesterday, 08:36 PM



I'm all ready too - simple, but I want everyone to know my name at the meet and greet. 
Meanwhile, you can find me on the pool deck soaking up some warm sun.    There IS sun and warm somplace, isn't there?


Not here in TX, we are super foggy this morning!


Not here in Michigan we had big fluffy flakes falling thickly outside but on my drive into work it decided to turn to sleet and freeze on the roads and my windshield. Suppose to be like this all day through 8 PM. Drive home might be tricky!! I am looking for a warm sunny spot next to you on the pool deck, Marilyn! Instead of "Calgon, take me away" ... I'm saying ScrapGirls, take me away!!



Sigh....  Sounds good Lei!   Your big fluffy flakes and then sleet and all that fun made it's way to NJ this afternoon and is having a go with us right now...

Great to be sitting with you on the pool deck, that's much better!    

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Yesterday, 02:49 PM

Linda to the rescue with always great info.  :)