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In Topic: February 2017 - Use Your stash Month

Yesterday, 04:14 PM

This subject may be off topic at the moment-but I bought some cards for all the birthdays we have coming up (my printer is pouting right now.) and found some interesting ways to do cards. They are making them like we do, with a front design glued to a folded card. Then they are glueing an inside folded paper printed with the message. That is easier than trying to print on all sides. Some of the cards are printed bold colored events or figures (like a silhouette of a boy riding a bicycle, with no detail.) I got one with two figures doing sports, just collaged, like an art journal type of thing. I like it!

So during our down time, I've made several "fronts" to get printed since I already have folded cards and envelopes.


Oh,  that's interesting and some great ideas, Jean.   I was trying to think of how not to have to print an inside while still looking "professinal, I like the inside folded paper idea.


And, I laughed at your printer pouting.    :rofl:   So funny!

In Topic: February 2017 - Use Your stash Month

Yesterday, 07:07 AM

I could say that I can't upload either but that would be fibbing, I haven't even started my card yet!! :blush:


Ngaire you started my day off with a laugh!   :D    

I just tried, upload still not working, we will have lots to look at once the Gallery gets going again!

In Topic: February 2017 - Use Your stash Month

22 February 2017 - 02:21 PM

Yep, Debbie said they're still working on that issue and a few others.   We'll have a lot to look at when the Gallery works again!  :)

In Topic: Has anyone used a planner for exercise get healthy goal tracking?

22 February 2017 - 11:51 AM

I totally have a designated fitness planner! I also make my own stickers, although I don't currently have fitness ones *gasp*.

New product maybe?


I use a personal sized filofax 6 ring album as my fitness planner.



OOOOHH!!!    New product, yay!   (sounds good to me!)  :)

I'm always looking for new ones if I'm making the Motivators Chart any month! 

In Topic: February 2017 - Use Your stash Month

22 February 2017 - 08:51 AM

Hi everyone!
Just tried to upload my card.    The Gallery images already there are HUGE and I wasn't able to upload in the Hodgepodge Gallery or the Weekend one and got this message  "Error The server returned an error during upload"   :(


I've notified Angie and she's passed this along to Debbie.    
So, I guess we can try periodically and hopefully it will be fixed soon!  Angie just said it could be that the move is still in progress.

I'll try to be patient........    :)