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In Topic: August Forum Game - Four Seasons Bingo

Yesterday, 06:41 AM

Love Bingo - sounds like fun!    :yippee:

I'm shaking up the words....    :D

In Topic: View Questions I Have Posted In The Forum

31 July 2015 - 08:59 PM

Hmmmm...  That's exactly what I would do.  I looked under my contents and there's lists of things.

April is the one who would know, I'll alert her to your post.


OOPS!  I'll alert her but just remembered that she is away for the weekend I think so an answer might be a bit.

Maybe someone else will know.   :)

In Topic: Im Really Old Here And Now New Again... Back After Ages...

30 July 2015 - 04:33 AM

HI Amy nice to meet you and glad to see you back!  

In Topic: Yosemite, Pse 12 And Pre 12

30 July 2015 - 04:31 AM

I ordered the Missing Manual for Yosemite through my library too!  I'm finding it a very steep learning curve since my last (very old white macbook) was only up to Snow Leopard!
"Photos" continues to be a mystery.   I finally found albums, but can't seem to find a place where there are albums that can be added to.    My iPhoto events transferred as one huge "album" and I can't seem to make them individual ones that can then be used to file photos as events.   Each time I think I do it, the photo stays in both places, keeping me in what I call "a big huge mess".

I have PSE 12 waiting to be downloaded, but with all I'm reading about how it doesn't play nice with Yosemite, I'm wondering if I should just buy PSE13 which I think is ok with OSX.   But, I REALLY don't want to spend more $ after buying the computer, new EHD, etc, etc.

I guess I'm not very good with progress!  :D

In Topic: Yosemite, Pse 12 And Pre 12

28 July 2015 - 09:24 PM

Hi Jo, I'm sure glad you bumped this thread up, I'd forgotten about it!   And now I have a new Macbook with Yosemite...  and PSE 12 waiting to be put on, but lots of other things need to be addressed first.  

I feel your pain with iPhoto gone and hear your vent and will raise you some more.   :)

ALL of my photos were previously sorted into iPhoto "Events" which don't exist in "Photos".  Not only that, I have not been able to find a way to add/drag and drop as I used to in iPhoto.    

Bigger than that is that Photos tells me it needs to "Repair"  yet when I click for it to do so, it then says it can't.  So right now I have no access to photos - which means I can't get them off the hard drive so have no space to install PSE 12.  Meanwhile, PSE 6 which was transferred over from my old computer - is missing pieces.   Not happy here and at times wishing for my old very slow white macbook.   :(

Anyway --

The person who puts together my Mac sent me this fix for Yosemite and PSE 12.  I also see the forums I've read refer to an upcoming Apple update. I'm wondering if it's already taken care of, but can't find anything current about it.

Here's the link:


Apple Support says this -- 

Apple Support

And I found this on Adobe Forums - check out post #37 for a fix:

Adobe Help


I hope this helps, some of the info/links might be repetitive --  I'm very tired but wanted to answer this before I forget.