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Art Journaling chat tonight at 9pm ET. Jody and I hope to see you there! :)
Yesterday, 04:37 AM
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    I'm not sure i can stay awake it will be 2 am here
    Yesterday, 02:31 PM
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    I'm looking forward to it!

    Yesterday, 06:06 PM
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    I have to go swimming by 7:00pm my time but will definitely stop in for a bit!

    Yesterday, 07:22 PM


Happy Birthday dear Monica! Hope you have a wonderfully special day all about you. :) xo
Sep 12 2014 05:49 AM


Happy Birthday Anna! Hope you have a wonderfully special and happily peaceful day. :)
Sep 12 2014 05:48 AM


Happy Birthday, Amy! :)
Sep 11 2014 05:02 AM


ART JOURNALING Chat next Monday Sept 15th at 9pm ET. Hope to see you there! :)
Sep 08 2014 08:21 PM
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    awwww... So sorry Jane, wish it worked out for you this week! We'll be happy to see as much of you as we can and sorry about tonight.
    Sep 08 2014 08:32 PM
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    Thanks for the reminder. I'm in the middle of a BIG project, but will definitely make time for this grand event.

    Sep 08 2014 09:34 PM
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    I WILL be there!!! Can't wait!!
    Sep 09 2014 02:14 AM


Hi Belle! I'd sent you a second PM saying the Art Journaling time is 9PM, not 9:30. My mistake, sorry for the confusion! :)
Sep 05 2014 05:24 AM


Good morning, Lei - Was thinking of you and hoping that you are healing and feeling better... xo
Sep 03 2014 06:20 AM
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    Marilyn, you are so sweet! You just perked up my morning!! I am healing and starting to feel better. My ribs are still tender. I'll roll over or bend a certain way and they let me know they are still bruised! My wrist is really healing nicely. It still looks pretty ugly, but I'm able to not have it bandaged all the time now. My dr. prescribed a silver sulfadine which seems to be speeding up the healing process. Again, thanks for thinking of me!!
    Sep 03 2014 06:49 AM
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    Oh, Lei I have thought of you very often and so wanted to tell you today! I am glad that you are coming along, that is good news but I know it's slow going. I was prescribed the silver thing on a bad burn once, it did seem to help in healing a bad leg burn and I had to wear a stocking to help healing and prevent scarring. I'm glad your burn is making progress and having air and no bandage sometimes is nice! :) Ribs are so painful, ouch - I'm happy it's lessene...
    Sep 03 2014 07:05 AM
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    .......Grrrr I got cut off, too talky! I'm glad it's lessened. :) And, pleased to have perked up your morning, that makes me glad! Hang in and know I think of you and send warm hugs and healing wishes your way very often. xo XOXOXOXOXXO
    Sep 03 2014 07:08 AM


Good morning Evelyn! I loved your layout of reading to the boys. Can you tell me what font is on the top - the script-like one, it's lovely! :) Thank you. Marilyn
Aug 24 2014 06:53 AM
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    I just happened by chance to see this in my profile feed ... ? I looked and looked - thought it was from SG PlayfulNotions WA but I didn't find it there in my files ... so I am clueless!
    Sep 14 2014 12:02 AM


Happy Birthday Andrea! Wishing you all the best on your special day. Enjoy! :) xo
Aug 03 2014 07:13 AM


Thanks for all your support, Marilyn. I can always count on you for an answer. :)
Aug 01 2014 07:40 AM
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    No problem Jean - always happy to try to help! :)
    Aug 01 2014 10:03 PM