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What's New In The Boutique - November 20/21 2014

20 November 2014 - 05:16 AM

It's Thursday and we know what that means, ScrapGirls!   New products will be coming into the Boutique ready for tomorrow's New Products Sale.


Last week we hit the jackpot with lots of new items.   I wonder what will be there today?


I'm at my painting class this morning, but will be back in a bit.


Add any products you find right here in this thread.     :daisy:

What's Coming Up New In The Boutique?

13 November 2014 - 07:40 AM

I wonder what new products will be appearing on the shelves as the day goes on in anticipation of them going on SALE tomorrow?


I'm on my way out for the day, but hope to see some fun things when I return!


Meanwhile, if you spot any -- add them here!     :)

Mixing Masculine And Feminine For A Great Layout - Mini Class 8Pm Et Saturday

08 November 2014 - 09:46 AM

Do you struggle or avoid combining "masculine" and "feminine" pieces on a layout?   :hit-head-with-hammer:  

Join Diane (Florida Granny) and  Marilyn (MariJ) at 8 pm ET on Saturday Nov 8th in the chat room for a Mini Class where we'll discuss this topic and give tips for creating a cohesive page.               


We all have preconceived thoughts on what is traditionally used on a layout for males or females and sometimes are quite rigid about them!  But, we don't have to be bound by those rules and can successfully create a page using both.  

Come learn some tips on how to do this, share your own and chat a bit.    We hope to see you there!   

                                                    :gathering:        :conversation:       :gathering:   

Here's my layout -

Matt & Me

And here's Diane's Layout -

LO For Masculine Feminine Mini Class



Your Challenge is to create a page that mixes masculine and feminine elements. When you have completed your layout, please post it in the Scrap10 Gallery and leave a link back here in this thread.   Remember your layout must be uploaded by 5pm ET on SUNDAY November 9th to be eligible for the prize drawing.  The winner will be posted here tomorrow!  Have fun and can't wait to see what you create!


The PRIZE for this Challenge is a Collection/$8.99 Value



Outline/Tips Written by Diane Lardieri

We had a great chat with lots of ideas flying back and forth! It was a lot of fun and I think we all learned something, too.  For all the chatters and for those who missed the class, here’s a recap of our suggestions for making a cohesive masculine/feminine layout:


Some things that say “feminine” to us: pink or other pastels, lace, ribbons, bows, flowers.


Some things that say “masculine” to us: dark colors, rough textures, rust, grunge, anything vehicle related or muddy/dirty.


Many things are considered gender-neutral:  items from nature, holidays and birthdays, many geometric patterns such as dots and stripes, most of the 10th Anniversary SG products and more.  


To make a cohesive page, here are some tips:  Choose papers that are neither girly pastel nor darkly grungy.  You can use gender neutral embellishments, of course but you don’t have to. Instead, mix them up! For example if you are using a rusty embellishment, maybe add a doily or a bit of lace. Choose “feminine” items such as flowers in more “masculine” materials, such as denim or even drawn or scribbled. Bows can be stringy or tailored-looking rather than shiny and curly. Also, keeping clusters simple keeps them from getting overly feminine.


Finally: Take these “rules” as suggestions, not as absolutes. Even what we call masculine or feminine can sometimes be used for the opposite gender quite well. Grunge, colored pink, might be perfect for a little girl!


Use your instincts!  You know the people you are scrapping and you know the occasion. Feel free to make your page more masculine, if that’s what your daughter/sister/granddaughter likes.  Feel free to use so called feminine items such as roses if the layout calls for them, for example in a heritage page, or a gardening page.  In the end, it’s your layout.  Create what looks good, works well, or is "right" for your page and its subject.

What's New In The Boutique - November 6 2014

06 November 2014 - 05:34 AM

It's Boutique Thursday/Friday, I wonder what new products will appear on the shelves today?


Nothing new there yet, but keep looking.

With all the Anniversary challenges and scrapping, I might need lots of new items to play with!   :)


Add to this thread when you see something new!     

Template Scrap10 Challenge & Chat 9:00Am Et

01 November 2014 - 06:25 AM

Join Valerie (ValerieT) and Marilyn (MariJ) in the chat room on Saturday, November 1st at 9:00am ET for a chat all about templates. 

We will share some tips for using them and show you how one template can be used in many different ways.  We will even give you a challenge using a template specially designed for this chat by Cindy Rohrbough :yippee:   

There will be lots of laughter, chatting and discussion - come join the fun and see what it's all about!     :conversation:


A big special :thanks: to Cindy Rohrbough for designing our chat template for us.                    

                                                                  :thankyou:  :bighug:

Here is the link for Cindy's Template -

CRO 10th Anniversary SS DLO Chat Template Freebie

UPDATE:  During the chat we discussed how a template is a STARTING point and guide and you can use and modify it for your own layout.     Your challenge is to create a page using the template - and it doesn't have to be "as is."

When you are finished, please post your layout in the Scrap10 Challenge Gallery

before 11:59pm ET to be eligible for a prize.   And, don't forget the Grand Prize explained HERE

Here are my layouts:



And here are Valerie's pages:

Check out how different the layouts look while they ALL started with the same template!   :)


Template Chat LO 1

Template Chat LO 2

Template Chat LO 3

Template Chat LO 4