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Beautiful Brushwork Chat 3Pm

Yesterday, 09:42 AM

3 p.m. (ET) Beautiful Brushwork with Andrea

Do you love to use brushes in your layouts? This chat will go over the basics, as well as show creative ways you can use brushes on your layouts.


We'll be creating our own mask or alter a mask from one of our designers using brushes. Also bring any questions you have about brushes and I will happy to help you with them.


Here are a few links to Brush Tutorials on Scrap Girls:










Please post your finished layout in the iNSD Gallery



Using the tutorials listed above we learned how to create a mask, or alter an existing mask using brushes.

Open a new page, choose any brush. Then in the Brush presets menu, set the parameters to your preference. For my mask I set my brush to include wet edges, shape dynamics, and build up. Then just brush away. To change the brush to other directions so as not to have all the brush strokes going the same way or direction, drag the direction circle to change the direction. If you want to put each stroke on a separate layer - you can always change the direction on each layer. I made a square brush from my flowers, under Edit, define brush preset and used it on the outer line of the mask. I also added some in white on a separate layer to add a bit of dimension. then on a lower layer I added some spray splatter to give it more depth. Once I had the photo clipped to the mask I added more brushwork on the mask layer to include more of my photo.


I am not a tutorial writer so this is a layman version.


(This can also be done on an existing mask you have from our designers, to add a bit more to the masks if you want to.)



Thursday 4/30/15 Challenge

30 April 2015 - 09:34 AM

If you’re anything like me, you tend to be a bit indecisive when creating pages, except when I am working with templates.  I love the fact that with a template, the design aspect is completed for us.

Our designers have some great and easy templates for us that will take the stress off of us, regarding the overall design of our pages.

Enter the Clipping Mask…

For todays challenge I’d like you to choose a template and clip your photos to the photo masks of the layers. Don’t stress, you can still move your photo or adjust the size once it’s clipped.

Here are a few links to some templates:

Marlene Peacock:
Angie Briggs:
Brandy Murray:
Jo Corne:



Have fun and don’t forget to post your layouts to the Thursday Challenge Gallery.


I used one of Marlenes great templates on MY LAYOUT

Thursday Challenge 04/16/15

16 April 2015 - 12:58 AM

When it comes to art, drawing, painting, etc. we think we can’t do it. We think everyone else is better than we are. But we can! Our designers have made it easy for us. You don’t have to draw or paint or create anything yourself, it’s all there for us to use, as our designers have created everything we need. We just plonk it on the screen, and move it around to find it’s happy place. The happy place that comes from your heart, and eye. There are no mistakes in art journaling. Say it with me, "there are no mistakes in art journaling”. I want you to check your inner critic at the door for this challenge. Don’t allow it to give you any doubts about what you’re doing and creating.


When I art journal about myself (I do not like scrapping about myself, and I think 99% of us feel the same way) I find art journaling freeing for my soul. It’s kind of liberating, and healing. I can hide or show anything I want to say, or show. Being an artist I love the grungy artsy side of art journaling, I like to emulate real hybrid art journaling into digital. But sometimes the clean look is a choice I make when I don’t mind sharing what I want to say, and there is no photo restricting my thoughts.


Be brave and create a layout (or a card 5x7, or 4x6),  if you like to try your hand at art journaling. Take the ART part out - and think of it as journaling only with symbols and colors, and no photograph.


Prompt: Journal about things that you love.


When you're finished with your layouts, upload them to the Thursday Challenge Gallery.


And here is my layout - I love music 

Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 03/31/15

31 March 2015 - 01:02 AM

Silliness is defined as engaging in "a ludicrous folly - the condition of being frivolous, trivial or superficial. Portrayals of silliness such as exaggerated, funny behavior is used to amuse audiences. Portrayals of silliness, provided by clowns and jesters, are also used to lift the spirits of people.”

Silly is to be funny in a cute way, or also to be funny in a nerdy, weird way. Silly is the epitome of greatness.

I know you have them.  Perhaps at least just one?  I’m talking about a silly photo.  If you don't have a silly photograph to scrapbook, go ahead and take one. Just have fun, and don’t forget to Post your LO in the Newsletter Challenge Gallery.


Here is my silly Photo




25 March 2015 - 08:06 PM

Nope. Too funny!