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Tuesday Challenge 14th February

14 February 2017 - 11:33 AM

Crop. Cropping. Crop, Crop, chop...


I often crop my photos to take out the unnecessary portions of a photo, or make a certain part of the photo stand out. So I thought to challenge you to crop a photo, real tight, like just the eye, or the center of a flower, or a hand, and make it the focal point of your layout. You can even crop an embellishment! What what? Yes there are no rules to say you have to use every part of a photo or embellishment. You get the picture?


Please upload your layout to the Tuesday Newsletter Gallery, and remember to post a link to your layout here in this thread.


Happy valentines day everyone!


HERE is my layout.

Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 1/31/17

31 January 2017 - 09:43 AM

Origin  and History of Backward Day:
It's backward day! Sarah Nicole Miller and Megan Emily Scott created Backwards Day on January 29, 1961. They were thinking about making arts and crafts, while milking cows on the Miller family farm, when the idea struck them. Later that evening, they sat down and made the rules. The idea got out amid the community, and on January 31, 1962, the first Backwards Day occurred. The two women were walking down the street, when they saw all the townspeople doing things backwards!


Backward day is always on January 31st. Backward Day is a day to do everything backwards. Use your imagination, and Backward Day can be lots of fun. It's especially popular with school aged kids.

Try writing backwards or reading backwards. Wear your shirt with the back in the front. Eat your meal, starting with dessert. Now that's what I call fun! Walk backwards, or talk backwards. Play a board game backwards, from the finish line to the start. Are you starting to get the picture!?


Create a layout with something backward, example title can have a few letters the wrong way, use a duplicate photo, flipping one of them to look like a 'reflection'mof the other...journal backwards...


This challenge is limited only by your imagination.


Post to the Tuesday Newsletter Challenge gallery - and remember to add the link to your layout here in this thread.


HERE is my layout.

Tuesday Newsletter Challenge 1/7

18 January 2017 - 02:08 PM

I'm so sorry I'm late, I have the worst stomach 'flu the past 4 days,  and with Jody's passing on Sunday I am not quite 'with it'.


My challenge is to find a photo and clip it to a large bold font as your title. As with this example by Judy. In place of a paper - I want you to use a photograph, and make it your title, large across your page.


Please post your layout to the Newsletter challenge Gallery with a link in this thread.





I will be back with  my layout soon. Once again - I'm sorry.

Tuesday Newsletter Challenge

03 January 2017 - 10:57 AM

It's a new year!


Time to do choose a 'word' for yourself for 2017. I also think it can be used in an Art Journal page. Do  you have a word for the year? If not art journal a page about a new year and what that means to you.


What is an art journal page? Its scrapbooking without photos.  An Art journal in which you combine art and words to express yourself. That's it. It's not complex, and there really aren't any rules for art journaling. It's all about self-expression.


Post your layout to the Weekly newsletter gallery, and remember to post the ink here in this thread!


Happy New Year!


HERE is my word of the year layout.

Weekend Wildcard Challenge

24 December 2016 - 11:27 AM

For this weekend  challenge we'll use the colors of Christmas! for our layouts: Bold or Neutral are the choices. The bold colors are Burgundy, Green and Gold. The neutrals are black, white and kraft.


Collections - Links for inspiration:
(Burgundy green gold)

(Black white and craft)


Choose EITHER of the two color choices, and use some kind of foil, or glitter on your page, because it's Christmas! 


Remember to post your layout in the Weened Challenge Gallery - with a link to your layout here in this thread.


Here is my layout - Deer Trails