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In Topic: My First Scrapbook Is My Little Sister's Wedding!

27 July 2010 - 04:58 PM

Thanks, Pab! That's good to know!... B&K Mom, that's really good advice. I had thought about not worrying so much about making sure the backgrounds are her colors all the time and instead sticking with pastels or neutrals and having mostly her colors as embellishments... not sure how that's gonna look yet, but the first page looks pretty good. Wish I could post it, but I don't want to until I can change some things about it! I changed my mind about how I wanted things to look after I started getting the ScrapGirls newsletter! Lol I think my main problem is that I like a lot of you guys' modern AND traditional layouts. I'm just kind of concerned one page won't look like it belongs with the others. I like the idea of mixing both on one page. It would certainly solve some problems.... Laurie, I didn't know PhotoShop had a free trial. I have to admit, I'm really intimidated by it. My husband who's a computer geek says that it's a pretty big learning curve for someone who's never used it before. He says it would take me weeks just to figure out how to do something in Photoshop as opposed to a more user friendly program like Digital Scrapbook Artist 2. Did you have problems learning how to use it?

In Topic: My First Scrapbook Is My Little Sister's Wedding!

27 July 2010 - 03:46 PM

Pink and white sounds really tough to work with.. and I thought I had it rough! Lol Are you sticking close to her colors or going with pastels?

In Topic: My First Scrapbook Is My Little Sister's Wedding!

27 July 2010 - 03:44 PM

I would love to post some scrapbook pages once I get them done.. the only problem is that 1. I don't have a scrapbooking program right now. I'm waiting for my birthday next week because my husband said he was getting it for me for a present. The few scrapbook pages I've made were done with iScrapbook's free trial and some free scrapbook kits I downloaded off the internet. Plus, I've been rough sketching what I want them to look like and would never post those! lol and 2. I think to post on here, you have to use mostly Scrapgirls elements? ... Maybe when I get my program up and running, I can get some Scrapgirls kits, but right now I'm kinda at a standstill.

In Topic: Fun Friday! Just A Little Game With A Prize ($25 Gc)

17 July 2010 - 09:25 PM

Since summer is so hot and the pollen is so terrible where I live, I love to watch it rain. It get cooler and cleans the air, but my favorite part is seeing the bright green leaves turned over waiting for the rain with the dark grey clouds in the background while the mist from the storms and steam hover over the mountains.