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In Topic: Is Anyone Else Having This Problem

03 February 2008 - 03:13 PM

what browser program are you using? Since the upgrade the gallery works best with Firefox not IE. If you are still having problems let us know and I'm sure Ro and the rest of the SG team will be able to help out. Just email angie at hello@scrapgirls.com

have always used aol browser to access internet and have done for well over a year. just posted new pic the other day to gallery but when i tried to load a second one i started having these problems, maybe its linked to a taste button lol
oh well just need to keep scrapping and load when i get the prob fixed

In Topic: Hello Hello From Downunder

07 December 2007 - 04:09 AM

hi lynnie

and a very big welcome to scrapgirls. Im sure you will have lots of fun as well as hopefully making some new friends. This site not only supports us digital scrappers but supports us in all areas of our lives and there is generally someone around you can give great advice bout technical isssues, scrapping programmes, and life in general.

i am on the opposite side of the world in scottieland so sending you a great big tartan hugxx

In Topic: What Activities Do Your Children Do

07 December 2007 - 03:57 AM

well my children older 17,18 and 26

youngest swims for Scotland west and took part in special olympics great britain, she also did horseriding, iceskating and guides
my oldest daughter 18 also did horse riding, iceskating and guides[both girls went to switzerland with guides couple years back.
david my oldest lives on own and works in catering, he enjoys fishing, cycling and going to gym. and when younger did scouts and karate

In Topic: Fabulous Toy List

07 December 2007 - 03:50 AM

well my children are older 17,18 and 26 so its all clothes, smellies, computer games, cds, apart from david the oldest who wants new accessories for his flat as has just been decorating hall and lounge.
but i do have a four year old great neice and 18 months great nephew who are more like grandchildren, lauren loves to dress up so got her Gloe dress, princess one which is long and skirt goes through 7 colour changes [fibre optic or some technology] lol and lewis got thomas the tank goodies and then i got them dual screen dvd player for car so they are kept amused while on long journeys with mum lol.
did look at little camera suitable for preschoolers which is toughand durable and made specifically for this age group.
stocking fillers i normally make little craft sets up which kids of all ages enjoy especially good for winter nights when weather just not suitable to go out [scotland im in remember]

In Topic: Surely We Have Them

29 November 2007 - 06:05 PM

Ro mentioned in another thread that if you email Angie, she can issue a gift certificate directly to you the same way she issues them as prizes during games.

thanks for that will try and email her and ask.