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In Topic: May Slow Scrap Madness

Today, 09:58 AM

Here's mine. I had to split one of my photos into two and I moved a couple of others, but the cluster looks OK rotated, thank goodness.

Conda, yours actually looks great that way!

In Topic: May Slow Scrap Madness

Today, 07:29 AM

26th May


Rotate your layout 90º clockwise. Make sure your photos are the right way up.

A different spin, indeed! Will be back later after I've turned everything around.

In Topic: May Slow Scrap Madness

Today, 07:27 AM


Five embellishments added.




Diane, are those cactus I see in those photos? :)


Layouts are looking good, Ladies!


Sorry, no, Laura. We do have some cactus here in a few gardens, but those are cypress trees.

Love your goofy boy, by the way. :D

In Topic: Terrible Accident I'll recover

Today, 07:17 AM

Ya' scared me there, girl, for a minute. :D

In Topic: May Digital ATC Swap

Yesterday, 12:12 PM

I didn't see this flower in the gallery and since it's one of my favorites, I'm adding it to the swap: Agapanthus.