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13 February 2015 - 09:48 AM

Almost had a heart attack a few weeks ago when i dropped our EHD. Luckily we'd also copied it onto a 2nd EHD (a MyPassport). Since then, and in anticipation of needing to overhaul my laptop or preferably, get a new one (Mac), I've been working on getting my pictures backed up better.


I am thinking of keeping my photos backed up to my Amazon Cloud Drive (free unlimited photo storage with Prime), and keeping them on a separate Passport/EHD. And "not" keeping any photos on my laptop. The Passport is small (about 3x5"), easy to transport, and really fast access.


I also have my laptop backed up to Carbonite, but that is freaking expensive (worth it, I guess). Has anyone tried IDrive? I tried BackBlaze a few years ago and hated it. I'm also thinking there are probably services I already have (or might get wtih a new computer) that I should utilize.


Suggestions welcome on this topic that's like beating a dead horse, I know, but worth a thought as services, technologies, etc are always changing.