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9 Pm (Et) Monday - Build A Birthday Cake Party Chat

Today, 09:54 AM

Join Shannon and me to build a birthday cake for Scrap Girls 10th Birthday! This will be a fun way to build a layout using the special cake ingredients listed below!


9:00 p.m. (ET) Build a Birthday Cake Party Chat


Everyone who attends the party chat will receive a “party favor”, a special gift created just for this chat.  There is also a fantastic big prize available, especially created just for this chat!  You’ll have to join us to learn more!


To get ready for the party, pick one ingredient from each of the lists below.  Each ingredient represents one part of the layout you will create.  We will reveal the meanings of each ingredient at the chat so you can build your layout!



Birthday Cake Choices: Pick one from each list.


Type of cake

1.   Sheet cake or 1-layer cake

2.   2-layer cake

3.   3-layer cake

4.   Cupcakes



1.   Red Velvet

2.   Vanilla

3.   Chocolate

4.   Carrot



1.   Fondant

2.   Cream Cheese

3.   Buttercream

4.   Chocolate



1.   Shaved Chocolate

2.   Sprinkles

3.   Candy Pieces

4.   Colored Frosting Swirls


Cake Topper

1.   Number 10

2.   10 Candles

3.   Purple Flower (made of frosting)

4.   Fresh flowers


Come to the chat to find out what each of these ingredients represents for the layout you will create!  See you at the party!