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17 January 2014 - 07:18 PM

Hehe thanx April!!! Your siggy is so stylish! =)


In fact i was kinda inspired by how you do your Project Life, and how your family loves the albums every year. So i thought, i've already done this for one year, why not continue and turn it into a tradition? Kinda like my kids' birthday albums. But i have to make it less painful to do, and again i thought of you and your simple but effective format. So thanx for the inspiration! =)

In Topic: Project Life 2014

17 January 2014 - 06:14 PM

i thought i wouldn't do it this year, but guess what? After sending the 2013 album to print, i couldn't resist doing it again. It's just so much fun to look through the pages as the year goes by, and then again when the year is through. Only this time i won't be so ambitious... max 4 pages a month, and maybe with adhoc event pages slotted in. And i will stick to using Jacqui Smith's wonderful page grids to simplify the process. 


Wishing everyone all the best!

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18 September 2013 - 11:52 AM

Another one who would just pop by to say hi! i'm falling way behind, i stalled my wedding album project to concentrate on my daughter's birthday album, and the Project Life just has to continue to take a back seat. Now, my aim is simply to finish the whole thing in time to meet our forum deadline...

Missing everyone here, and i also miss being able to post and share my stuff! i'm churning out the pages and i've been posting odd pages on my facebook and a few other places, but the OCD streak in me demands that when i post my creations here on my SCRAP HOME, the projects should be complete and Passed for Press, to borrow a term from my previous life, hehe.

Take care, ladies! Hope to see you again properly soon! (My daughter's birthday is in early October, so i'll probably be snowed under till then.)

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16 August 2013 - 06:10 PM

Hey there Project Lifers... it's me again, and i'm feeling rather down and need a little nudge and shove to get moving again. i seem to be always at the computer, always working away at my Photoshop, i'm not spending as much time with the kids as i should especially since i stay home, i'm always working on one project or another, and yet what do i have to show for it? (i mean, you guys never see me post anything anywhere anymore right?)

This is my very sad report card so far this year:
- Son's birthday album, complete only 3 months after the birthday
- Wedding album, at the 3/4 mark and now postponed indefinitely because of...
- Daughter's birthday album, due in Oct and i've done ONE layout out of 40. This is my priority project now.
- Project Life, already 3 weeks behind and each layout takes at least 3 days to do, i'm that slow
- Honeymoon album, planned but not gonna materialise, at least not this year

And yours truly has the hare-brained aspiration of becoming a photobook layout artist when the kids are bigger. Just making ONE wedding album has already turned my life completely upside down, and still i can't finish it. i don't know how you guys do - and complete! - challenges every day. *kowtow* to all of you!

Okie, end of rant. Thanx for listening, hope to be back soon with Week 30! And then i'll leave some love in our Project Life gallery. =)

In Topic: Sg: Project Life 2013

13 August 2013 - 12:35 PM

Hey there fellow Project Lifers!
Yep...it's me. I'm still alive. :waving-hi:/>
I saw the blog e-mail that said I was the quartely draw winner! Thank you!
I've been pretty busy this summer and have gotten behind. :unsure:/>
But...I'm not giving up! I'll be getting back to my pages.

Thanks again!

Congrats!!! i'm falling behind too... need to get back to things! =)