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Summer Template Slow Scrap

01 July 2016 - 04:05 AM

After all the crazyness of the World Tour, we thought we should slow things down a bit with a nice Slow Scrap.


This month we are going to focus on templates. Each layout this month will begin with a template.


The first layout has 8 steps, the rest have 6 steps each. At the end of the month we will have completed 4 layouts.


Members who complete the steps required and post all 4 layouts in the Slow Scrap Gallery will be entered in a drawing for one of two $10.00 Scrap Girls Boutique Gift Certificates.


Each completed layout posted in the Slow Scrap Gallery, up to 4 per member, will be entered in a drawing for one of three $3.00 Scrap Girls Boutique Gift Certificates.


You have until 11:59pm ET on July 31st 2016 to complete the steps and post your layouts to the Slow Scrap Gallery.  There are no daily time limits.


You can make changes to your layout as the week progresses.


After each step we would like you to post your progress in this thread. Here is how;

  • Make sure you save your layout as a PSD/layered file first.
  • Save your layout as a .JPEG at 72ppi with a size of 4 x 4 inches (288 x 288 pixels) this is smaller than you would normally save for the web.
  • Follow the first part of this tutorial by Carla How To Post Images In The Forum to post your "progress" in the game thread.


Weekend Wildcard Challenge - 18th June

18 June 2016 - 04:07 AM

As some of you will know; my two eldest have been doing exams recently. One of Matty's exams was Drama, and I got to watch his performance. He was awesome, but what impressed me more was the way the whole class supported each other. There were some wonderful group photos taken before their performances.

This got me thinking, I don't often scrap group photos. So this is going to be our challenge; scrap a photo of a group of five of more people. It can be family or friends, old or new, you can even scrap more than one photo.

Post your finished layouts in the Weekend Wildcard Challenge.

Let's fill the gallery with all those wonderful group photos.

The Scrap Girls World Tour 2016

01 June 2016 - 04:12 AM

:sinking: :sinking: :sinking: :sinking: :sinking:


The Welcoming Committee have booked us on a world tour. Our Captain assures us that this will be a wonderful tour. That probably means there will be chaos and mayhem, not to mention a few disasters.


Complete activities and layouts to gain stamps in the passport. Each stamp is worth one entry in the prize draw. At the end of the tour, we will do a random draw, and you could win one of five $5 Gift Certificates to use in the Scrap Girls Boutique.


Each time we stop at a new location we will give you some inspiration or other requirement for you to create a layout. Each inspiration or requirement is related in some way to our location

  • You are free to interpret each location’s inspiration/requirement in any way you wish.

  • Do not post your finished layout until we tell you to, just in case something un-expected happens.

  • Instructions for activities will be given in that day’s itinerary.

  • You do not have to complete a layout for every location or do every activity, unless you wish to.

  • You can combine inspirations; however, you can only receive one stamp in the passport for each layout.

Please be aware the passport will only be updated once a day, Monday to Saturday. If you think you are missing a stamp please feel free to send me a PM.

Weekend Wildcard Challenge - 28th May

28 May 2016 - 03:55 AM

Cricket season is in full swing here in the UK. Some of you may remember that this is the sport my eldest plays.

The kit that Lauren plays in needs to be "white". Which means it can be anything from white to a kind of creamy colour. With this in mind I thought our challenge would be to do a "white space" layout. As an added challenge try and include something white (or creamy) on your layout.

Post your completed layouts in the Weekend Wildcard Challenge Gallery.

Weekend Wildcard Challenge - 14th May

14 May 2016 - 05:51 AM

Exam time is upon us here in the UK, and my two eldest both have exams this year. Even my youngest has assessments this month.


Lauren's first of 4 exams is on Thursday. Matty's first exam is on Monday, he has a total of 30 exams to sit (poor guy).


Lauren and Matty both like to relax by listening to music. So I thought this week we would have a music challenge. I want you to use some song lyrics as part of your journalling to help tell the story behind your photos. It can be any song, from any era and any genre.

Post your completed layouts in the Weekend Wildcard Challenge Gallery.

Let's fill the Gallery with your musical layouts.