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In Topic: Holiday Hybrid ATC Swap

Today, 10:03 AM

Wow... haven't even started.  Lots of time, yet, though, which is good, as I'll probably be helping the girls figure out what they want to do for theirs.  So on that note, Laura (my little one) was disappointed that I didn't sign her up.  I'd like to add her, if there's room... I'll encourage the girls to make cards that are primarily printed, so that they don't have to do too much cutting/punching/sticking/gluing.  Laura's attention span is still a bit short!


Of course there is room for Laura! And I haven't started yet either. I do have a design in mind, and what I need for it, but won't start for awhile. Brooke has her idea, too. I'm not sure about Lauren....


Mikelle, I was happy that another Laura will be joining us!   :daisy: My mom (with 4 daughters) loved sewing and crafting with us at young ages and those are the special memories for sure. Have fun making your ATCs, Girls!  I printed a couple extras in case we have more join our SWAP, and have started to add the pretties this AM.

In Topic: Holiday Hybrid ATC Swap

Yesterday, 12:17 PM

Got mine designed and now to print and add all the pretties! Some cutting on this one....sure hope Santa Claus brings me that Cameo Cutter! LOL

In Topic: 2017 Hybrid ATC Calendar Swap

26 October 2016 - 07:21 PM

Whooo-hooo!  Happy mail!!  (LOL, Lei)


After stalking the mailman, she brightened my afternoon with a little package.  Ladies, each and every ATC is awesome and I love them all. I already assembled the calendar (I have a second pair of rings), so it's ready to go for 2017. (Gosh, that's scarey). 


A big, warm thank you to all!


And Carla, thank you for coordinating another terrific swap.  

In Topic: Holiday Hybrid ATC Swap

25 October 2016 - 12:03 PM

Carla, throw my name on the list. I'm heading over to Hobby Lobby now to see if something I saw is still in stock. 

In Topic: 2017 Hybrid ATC Calendar Swap

15 October 2016 - 09:57 PM

My cards are going into the mail tomorrow. I ship them priority so I don't hold up the entire party. Excited to see everyone's pretties!  I've enjoyed having my calendar on my art desk all year long.


I have a stand, so you don't have to send one to me. Thanks for coordinating this again, Carla.