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In Topic: Scrap Girls World Tour - March 2015

Yesterday, 09:05 PM

Here's my England-inspired layout--B/W photo.  I wonder where our next destination will take us . . . 

In Topic: What's New In The Boutique? 3/26-27/2015

Yesterday, 02:21 PM

Oh my gosh . . . they jumped into my cart!  I was just thinking about a pretty spring LO for today's challenge.


Look!! More arriving as we speak!  

In Topic: Scrap Girls World Tour - March 2015

Yesterday, 02:17 PM



We are in England, so it should be no surprise to see that it is dull, grey and foggy outside today.
Turn at least one of your photos black and white.


Post your layout in the World Tour Gallery. This is worth one stamp on the


(Sorry it's a bit late today - I should have posted last night but I had to see the hunky doctor on board, and now I am on Oxygen.) I am devastated but it won't stop me having fun with you all.

Oh no, Andrea...I am so sorry for you. Too much work in the nursery with all those energetic kids.. :winking_baby: Well rest up and hopefully you will be better before our next port of call.


I believe it's a permanent thing now. Perhaps if I move closer to sea level it may increase? Not sure. Thanks. Oh, and I have a bottle of o2 with wheels - I can always hook up to that one in the next port of call.



Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well. I have a dear friend on O2 and that doesn't slow us down at all (asthma)!! Feel better.

In Topic: Scrap Girls World Tour - March 2015

Yesterday, 02:11 PM

I miss everyone but will be home in 3 days so then I can catch up then. It looks like everyone is doing good and making really creative pages. I am trying to keep up but we are doing so much sightseeing and....the slowest internet ever!!!!! I am glad Laura and Theresa are keeping things in order. Have fun fellow digi-scrappers.


Whoo-hoo! We're all gathered around waiting for your's and Carla's return! Chairs and drinks ready! Ha!

In Topic: Scrap Girls World Tour - March 2015

Yesterday, 02:09 PM

Falling behind again. This yearbook stuff is seriously cutting into my scrapping time!! And spring break starts tomorrow afternoon, so then the girls and dh will be around to distract me! Save me a chair by the pool! I'm going to need to collapse!


Ugh--we miss you. Now I remember why you're spending so much time in your stateroom. While we applaud your valiant efforts w/ yearbook, we'll have chair ready upon your return and cocktail within arm's reach!   :2468who-do-we-appreciate: