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Unzipping Files?

24 June 2012 - 07:51 AM

Okay girls, I need help. I have a whole lot of zipped files waiting to be unzipped but the thought of right clicking extracting seems like it is going to take forever. Is there an easier and faster way than doing them individually?

I hope that makes sense. And then it will be the sorting and filing of them all. How do you do that? Do you sort them by designer? or by Paper, Elements, Templates etc? What is the easiest way to find what you have when you are doing a layout?

I hope you can help me


Hello From Brisbane, Australia

01 June 2012 - 06:04 AM

My real name is Debra, I am originally from New Zealand and moved over to Australia 30 years ago, where I met my husband and we have 5 wonderful children - not that they are children anymore. We have 3 Girls, Amanda (23) Dana (21) and Kelly (14) as well as 2 boys, James (18) and Matthew (16). Amanda has a little boy, Braithen (3), who I adore. My household is a bit crazy, we have 2 dogs, 3 galahs, 12 chickens, 14 budgies, 16 peachfaces, 4 Cockatiels and 6 fish. We are currently foster parents to 2 bulldog puppies (it was 3 but one went to her Furever home today, very sad saying goodbye), they arrived when they were 5 weeks old - very neglected, poor little darlings, they are now 10 weeks old and are thriving. The littlest one, Krickut was 1.7kg (3.7lbs) when she arrived and is now 4.8kgs (10.58lbs).

My profile name Auskimum - Aus (Australian) ki (Kiwi - New Zealander) mum (Self explanatory). When I first came to Australia, I called my self an auski because I had an aussie accent in New Zealand and a Kiwi accent here in Australia - sort of stuck in the middle of 2 countries.

I am extremely new to digital scrapbooking, I haven't even done a page. But I am enjoying playing and of course purchasing, and I can say that I am addicted. I have been Traditional scrapbooking for 12 years and never ever thought I would be interested in digital.

I am really looking forward to learning from you all and participating in the forums.
Thanks for reading