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In Topic: I Didn't Believe These Laws At First, But Have Found Them To Be True From...

02 March 2015 - 03:18 AM

I fing no.9 to be most true - particularly with computers and cars!

In Topic: So Happy To Be Back!

25 February 2015 - 05:13 PM

Nice to meet you - can't wait to see some of your layouts!

In Topic: Just Joined

24 February 2015 - 06:01 PM

Hi Claire and welcome to ScrapGirls - I'm glad you found us.  We have lots of fun things going on round here, with weekly newsletters and regular challenges and games, so do get stuck in.


Lots of people here use PSE, so feel free to ask any questions you may have - everyone is really friendly and happy to help out, and there is normally someone around who will be able to answer your query.


With regard to the printing, I don't know the specifics (I'm from the UK!), but I know lots of people here take their layouts to local supermarkets (?) to get them printed as individual pages so they can put them in their own albums.  I'm sure someone who's done it will be along shortly and will be able to give you more details, but don't despair - I know it can be done and you don't have to print to photobooks.


I look forward to seeing your layout in the gallery.  Have fun!

In Topic: New Here

17 February 2015 - 08:58 AM

Welcome to ScrapGirls!

In Topic: Weekend Challenge 2/7/15

12 February 2015 - 06:15 PM

Sorry, couldn't resist twisting the challenge slightly - these photos are priceless!