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Friday Philosophy From A 5 Yr Old

20 March 2015 - 06:04 AM

c: Why didn't God create superheros?

m: He did - he created mummy!

c: Nooooo Muummmmy - why didn't God create superheros?

Instagram - Help!

12 January 2015 - 08:47 AM

Instagram and all it's filters has intrigued me for a while and I've been meaning to look into it.  Today I finally got round to it!  I've created an account (from my Android Tablet) and I've logged into my account on my PC.  What I want to do now is pull in photos that are on my PC, load them into Instagram and have a play - but how on earth do I do that????  I can't find anything useful,  no menus, no nothing in Instagram....idiots guide needed please......

Make Some Mischief Sketch Chat 4/23 Wednesday 6Pm Et

23 April 2014 - 03:53 AM

Do you ever have trouble deciding how to start a layout, or how to arrange your photos and embellishments for the perfect finish?


Find the ultimate solution by joining Anna (zebidee75) and Theresa (tiza) at 6pm ET for a fun sketch challenge.  The layout template will be provided at the start of the chat and we’ll discuss how to use your scrapbooking supplies to personalise your page and provide handy tips on how to adapt the embellishment clusters shown in the sketch.  So come and join us with your photos for lots of fun, but beware, a Mischief Week chat wouldn’t be complete without a twist so be prepared to make some mischief with your photos too!


Please upload your completed layouts to the Mischief Week Gallery and post a link back in this thread.  


All layouts uploaded and linked back by 6pm ET on Thursday 24th will be entered into a random draw to win a prize from the SG boutique.  Don’t forget to credit the items you used on your layout and provide a brief description of the ‘mischief’ you had with your photos.

To be eligible for the random prize draw your layout must meet the following criteria:


1.       Your layout must use one of the two sketch layouts provided in this thread (but you are welcome to flip it or rotate it if you like).

2.       You must utilise at least one of these ‘pieces of mischief’ on at least one of the photos in your layout:

·         Use a SG photo action (e.g. ScrapSimple Tools – Actions: Chalk Art ; ScrapSimple Tools – Actions: Silhouettes ; ScrapSimple Tools – Actions: Vintage Postcard 6301 Mini)

·         Use a SG photo style (e.g. ScrapSimple Tools – Styles: Photo Transfers 6401 Super Biggie ; Action Pack Ultimate Artist ; ScrapSimple Tools – Styles: Photo Textures 2201 Super Biggie)

·         Apply a Photoshop filter to your photo – or mix and match several and play with different blending modes for added mischief!

·         Mix up your photos by extracting a subject from one photo and adding it to a completely different background/photo.

·         Apply a colour gradient over your photo.

·         Invert your photo – either literally or by using the Image-Adjustments-Invert feature in PS.

·         ‘Alter’ your photo in some way by adding something mischievous to it (e.g. wings, a crown, a moustache, antlers, a flower neck ruff etc.)

3.       Make sure your layout has been posted to the Mischief Week Gallery by 6pm ET on Thursday 24th.  Please link your layout back to this thread and remember to tell us what mischief you had with your photos.


We can’t wait to see what fun you can have with your layouts.


Here are my two example layouts:

I used the Action Chalk Art and some PS filters to create this layout - Family

And I used the PS Invert feature to create this layout - Mevagissey


Have fun with your layouts and if you have any questions about any of the ideas above, then just add them to this post.


Are you ready for some layout mischief?  Here are the sketches for the chat, you may use either one!



Sketch 1



Sketch 2