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In Topic: Slow Scrap September

Today, 04:11 PM

Task 2 - Sept 2



In Topic: 2014-09-01 Monday Challenge

Yesterday, 03:41 PM

I have made a selection, just have to work it out and not fade out.

Long day today, had a brilliant exercise session again today after work :) and feeling very snoozy

In Topic: Slow Scrap September

Yesterday, 03:20 PM

Task 1 - September 1



In Topic: Slow Scrap September

Yesterday, 03:10 PM

I was so confused with the Holiday here thinking, why is there a task on Sunday, then I remembered today is Monday!

I'm going to try to keep up with this.   :)

I know what you mean, I was confused last week. We had a public holiday in the UK(August bank holiday) and it throw me off course for the whole week :)

In Topic: September Monthly Layout Contest- Color!

Yesterday, 03:07 PM

thinking hat is on...thinking....  thinking ...... :bee: