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In Topic: 2015 Recipe Swap Suggestions

12 January 2015 - 03:46 AM

I'm so glad that you ask.  My suggestion is Canning.


Does anyone still do it anymore?  I'm thinking the answer is yes because when I do see canning jars and supplies in the stores.  Sometimes a ton of things and then sometimes very little - so someone is buying it.  I used to can a lot when my children were young.  Retirement came.  Moved across the country.  Never thought about it anymore until this past summer.  I found a BBQ Sauce that my husband and I really love.  Just can't seem to make it fast enough.  So I bought some canning jars and started canning it.


I wanted to try pickles and relish that I used to can years ago, but I cannot locate the recipes that I used.  I'm sure that they are lost together somewhere.


So, if there is enough interest I think tried and true canning recipes would be fun.