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In Topic: Zip File Help

06 December 2014 - 03:09 PM

Thanks girls I got it fixed,hope it stays now. never had that problem before.

In Topic: Printer Questions

23 October 2014 - 02:01 PM

I have the Epson  Stylus Photo R1900. I have had it about 5 years. It is now having  lines through anything print. I have done everything that has been suggested.Cleaning the heads and the correct paper and inks are full. Nothing  fixes it. The same thing happened 2 years ago and my son took it to the city to a repair shop. Cost about $170 to fix. Can't really remember what was replaced. The heads I think? Then it started leaking black ink. So I am not happy with Epson I too don't know anything about all in one,but space does not let me have a seprate scanner. There is no place close here that sells printers  so have to rely on the internet..

In Topic: Cutting Out Shapes

30 August 2014 - 10:58 AM

TeeCee, thank you, that was my problem. I did not have the crop button checked.I appreciate all the help and for sticking with me.

In Topic: Cutting Out Shapes

29 August 2014 - 02:33 PM

When I save it as a png file, it  saves the whole 12X12 white page along with it

In Topic: Unzip Program

16 August 2014 - 08:29 AM

I do use windows 8 and yesterday after I downloaded the extract now, I was getting pop ups  and ads a lot.Must have come from where I got the download. Anyway, I tried to uninstall and could not, so ran malwarebytes and when I closed that out my computer woiuld not close. I kept getting the error that windows could nor restart correctly so windows tried to fix it. Did not work I finally had to do a  system restore and now am back and running. I think for now I will just use the regular windows extractor.I wish sites would not add all that junk.But I do thank you all for helping. Next time I will be very careful where I download from.