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In Topic: The Scrap Girls World Tour

Today, 10:34 AM

I'm not sure about the double dipping, Ann. Maybe Theresa or Valerie can clarify that for us???



Ok, group photo! Everyone line up along the Great Wall!!! Wouldn't that be amazing??

In Topic: July Monthly Lo Contest - Commitment

Today, 07:47 AM

And you can post more than one layout if you'd like to!

In Topic: The Scrap Girls World Tour

Today, 07:46 AM

July 25th

I hope you are all rested, because today we’ve arrived in China.


Create a layout with RED AND BLACK as your dominant colours.  Make sure you use your tutorial before the end of the month.

In Topic: The Scrap Girls World Tour

Yesterday, 06:59 PM

I have my LO started, but spent the day at the Brookside Gardens with the girls. Gorgeous flowers!! So my LO will be a little late!

In Topic: July Swap Crop Partners!

Yesterday, 04:35 PM

I haven't started Melanie's either...But I have an idea and that's more than half the battle for me, lol!!

Reveal day is this Saturday, with the chat Saturday night! I'll reveal the new theme, but the sign up won't start until August 1st.