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In Topic: Which Do You Prefer Most?

Yesterday, 11:10 AM

I like email. I hate to see myself on Skype or Facetime. I know Skype can just be phone with no video, but I feel trapped when I use it. I like to keep moving around and getting stuff done when chatting...

In Topic: Project Life 2015...coming Soon!

Yesterday, 11:09 AM

You can do it Valerie! Plan out what you want to do, then stick to your plan. Your family will cherish it whether it's a photo a day, LO a week or LO a month.

In Topic: Status Updates

Yesterday, 11:07 AM

I get the same thing. Not sure if there is a setting for that or not. April would know...

In Topic: Are Any Of You On Pinterest?

Yesterday, 11:07 AM

Add me to the list: http://www.pinterest.com/carlashute/


I'll check out your boards this weekend. I know I already follow Conda and Melanie. I used to be really active, but slacked off the past few months. I hope to be on more again in the new year!

In Topic: Birthday Time! 2014-12-24, 25, & 27

Yesterday, 11:04 AM

Happy Birthday!