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Weekend Challenge, 4/18

Yesterday, 06:50 AM

As I was leaving the gym last week, I heard the cycling class start their cool down. The instructor told them not to focus on how tired they are, but how strong they are. Focus on the physical strength, emotional strength, and yes, the spiritual strength, "because I know some of you were asking for help"!

And that got me thinking...


For today's Art Journaling challenge the prompt is -- "Strength"


I'd like you to consider strength and what it means to you. What does strength look like, feel like, what color is it, what words describe what "strength" evokes in you. You can consider strength not just in a physical way, but emotional and spiritual strength as well. What gives you strength? Or maybe strength feels quite shaky to you right now (like the legs of those spin class students). What do YOUR feelings or thoughts of strength look like right now?  I'm excited to see where "STRENGTH" takes you.


Post your layouts in the Weekend Challenge Gallery. Have Fun!


If you would  like some additional information on Art Journaling, check out the Newsletter Challenge from Tuesday and please ask questions!

April Hybrid Atc Swap

09 April 2015 - 06:04 AM

Have you noticed that film makers are recreating a lot of fairy tales lately? With the release of my favorite fairy tale, Cinderella, I was inspired to use that as our theme for this round of hybrid atc's!! So, this month's theme is Fairy Tales!!


If you are interested in joining us, here are some things to know:


The best way to do this seems to be to buy the 9 slot baseball trading card holders. They are designed to fit into a standard 3 ring binder. You can fold the sheets in thirds and fit them into a business sized envelope. Please include return postage in one of the slots, allowing for an extra ounce in case participants are especially exuberant with their bling. If it's not needed, I will return it with your goodies. Also please include a self-addressed envelope. We've found that the larger 6x9 envelopes work better than business sized envelopes but the postage rate is the same. When you mail the envelope to me, the post office people will tell you if there's a non-machinable surcharge. A great hint is to use your own address as the return address in case it gets "returned" for any reason.


Sign up in this thread by April 16th. On the 17th, I'll PM you all my address and how many cards you need to make. Please try to have your finished cards to me by the end of May . If I get them all early, I'll send them back out earlier.


Who's with me???













April Swap Crop: Partners Listed

06 April 2015 - 04:15 PM

Sorry for the late post, but I had a trip home to NY and I knew I couldn't keep up with the forum while I was gone. And, I didn't have a theme in mind :(. But, when I pulled into my driveway today, my very favorite springtime flower was blooming. I adore mini daffodils. There's a long story behind that, but it's for another day...


Anyway, seeing those yellow flowers blooming got me thinking...let's do a color challenge theme for April. Yellow is a bright, springy color, so let's swap photos of anything yellow! Of course flowers come to mind, but how about a pretty yellow outfit, a bright, sunshiny day (the sun is yellow after all...) or even yellow Easter eggs! I'm excited to see where the theme takes you.


Here's how it works: Sign up in this thread by Monday, April 13th. On Tuesday, April 14th, I'll list the participants in a column. Contact the person above you and below you on the list and exchange email addresses. You'll send photos to the person below you and receive photos from the person above you. The last person on the list will send to the first person on the list. You can send as many photos as you'd like, and any journaling, but only 1 layout is required. Reveal day is Saturday, April 25th. That's the day you'll post your layouts in the Swap Crop Gallery and send a flattened, hi-resolution copy of the layout you created for your partner to her.


Partners List





Jane in NZ



Florida Granny




Thursday Challenge, April 2Nd (Early)

01 April 2015 - 07:44 PM

Who's ready for a silly color challenge? There are two dominate colors you must use on your layouts. The first color is Purple! The second color depends on the last letter of your screen name!









Since my screen name ends with an S, my LO will have Green and Purple as the dominant colors. When you're finished with your layouts, upload them to the Thursday Challenge Gallery. I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Here is mine: Crocus

Thursday Challenge, March 19Th

19 March 2015 - 06:10 AM

What is Luck? Merriam-Webster defines Luck as " the things that happen to a person because of chance : the accidental way things happen without being planned". I can think of several times when luck has occurred without planning. How about you? I'm sure you can come up with an event!


So for today's challenge, I'd love to see your layouts where luck occurred without planning and what the consequences were! When you are finished, post your layouts in the Thursday Challenge Gallery. Have Fun!