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In Topic: Tracking Items Used In A Project

14 April 2007 - 07:45 AM

ok, not to ignore your question, which I am new and am not sure of the answer myself, but I noticed that your name was "rv scrapbooker". I chuckled to myself because I camp a lot as well with our trailer and I have always been adimate about not taking computers camping with us and would always get the attitude like "you have got to be kidding me" when my husband would ask to take his laptop with us. Now that I recently started doing digital scrapbooking you would not belive what I asked last weekend when we went camping............yes you guess it............."can I take my laptop camping so I can scrapbook"? LOL hehehehehehehehe Your screen name brought last weekend back to me and how funny the whole thing was. The DH looked at me this time like "What! All the times you asked and you said no!", he said "good thing it is your birthday this weekend!". It was so cool to be able to relax by the fire pit, eat junk food, listen to music, relax, and most of all digiscrap! What a weekend! Since you are a RV Scraper, I know you know what I mean. Hope someone can answer your question.

I had to laugh at this. My dh and I love to camp and I used to take along all my paper scrapping and you know how we women are, we can`t leave anything home just in case we need it. As a result, our RV had large crates of paper, and totes filled with all kinds of stuff to scrap with. DH would complain that we couldn`t move without tripping over a crate or tote. One of the reasons I began to digi-scrap was to be able to go camping without hearing all the groans about taking along my scrapping stuff. LOL Now, the first thing I ask a campsite when I call for reservations is, "Do you have wireless?" Guess what I do if they say no, you guessed it. Of course most of them do now, must be a lot of digi-scrapping RVers. LOL

In Topic: Red Eye Issues (using Pse5)

14 April 2007 - 07:25 AM

I know what you mean about the camera red eye flash being so annoying, but with blue eyed kids, I do use it a lot and my cannon upgrade doesn`t seem to have that same type of flash as my older camera. Anyway, I use PSE 5 and have noticed that sometimes it doesn`t always pick up the red eye, but I can usually get the red eye removal tool to work. I say usually because there are times when one eye will be fixed and the other one especially if the whole eye isn`t visable, isn`t.

In Topic: How Do These Specs Look For New Laptop?

05 April 2007 - 06:35 PM

I have Dell with the same HD and Ram as Rachael. I have been scrapping for a year and keep everything over a month old on an EHD and have almost as much HD as I did when I bought it. I run PSE5 and it runs great. You should be fine even if you upgrade to PSCS. If I were buying one today I would get what you have decided on simply because I may one day want to upgrade.

In Topic: What Camera To Buy

03 April 2007 - 09:17 PM

thank you all so much, I knew I could count on you to give my friend good advice.

In Topic: Rounding Corners In Ps Elements

24 March 2007 - 07:27 PM

http://scrapgirls.co...h...ic=9036&hl=Rounded Corners

This may help. It is a post to a thread that is about rounded corners.