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In Topic: Just Bought A New Camera

22 July 2010 - 05:55 AM

wahoo Carol!! I am happy happy happy for you!! See you in my thoughts on the photo walk!!this saturday! I am going to a pac .......ready south Park LOL Have fun looking forward to hearing all about it Carol!

In Topic: Fun Friday! Just A Little Game With A Prize ($25 Gc)

16 July 2010 - 01:55 PM

my favorite summer activity is walking the beach with hubby and the kids (grand) ahead chasing the waves with their laughs and giggles in the wind!

In Topic: Permanently Loading Action Patterns

15 July 2010 - 07:25 PM

Personally I am not sure why you would want to. Keep them where they are IMO and load when you need them

In Topic: Anyone Already Playing With Cs5

12 June 2010 - 04:54 AM

The software is absolutely FUN FUN FUN!!!!!!!!! can not reccomend it more highly (not that that counts!!!) It truely is a blast! I have actually went out and bought a small tiny lap top to play hooked it to my monitor and Whola!!!!
I was able to play with the cs5 on my 32 bit machine to ladies, I there is a question now when you upgrade do you want to install the the 32or64 bit.

Also Beccaa wahoooooo....... I had to install the CS3 on my new lap top to use the upgrade on my new one!! I left CS3 on the tower to of my desk top why not who knows who might want to play with it at my house? right?

In Topic: Is This A Good Laptop For Digi Scrapbooking?

28 May 2010 - 06:44 AM

You know I just got a 400 dollar toshiba at best buy 4gigs memory DDR3 type it is not upgradeable but itis more than I will need with a 64 bit machine. I run CS5 just absolutely fine on it and I have it attached to my 24 inch towers monitor. the good the bad and the ugly of pc's are they come out better greater and faster than before. I recomend not spending much on a new toy like this because in 3 years you will not feel bad when you pass this on down to someone else. I have 3 EHD's so the 250 gig hd on it is more than I will need. I don't keep anything permenantely attached to my CS so it runs like a dream. I recomend a cheep 64bit with DDR3 memory and enjoy! Buy the size it comes with and later if you wish and play at home alot set up the monitor to the lap top and play. I have a intell CPU/processor and it is not the top of the line either I have a PR Dual Core CPU T440 running @ 2.20 ghZ nothing to write home about believe me but I did not spend anything to be embaressed about either LOL It is a Satelite L455 15.5 inches monitor

I highly recomend not spending a fortune on a lap top! If this one here I have now dies in a year or two and all the time on my toy I still got a deal! Go check out the deals online at your local stores (staples office max best buy etc) and do not let a sales rep talk you into a Bigger and greater deal! it is just not necessary.

Also with W7 in PC nowadays it runs really really well and is a very nice Operating sysytem and easy to learn. I do HIGHLY recomend a lapt top lifter and fan to keep the lap top cool no matter where you have it sitting on a des book counter no matter where. another 25 bucks to 40 for that and they plug in usb to your laptop.
I have mine sitting on 2 packs of empty ciggerattes and the fan really doesn't come on all that much/

Just my 7 cents worth!