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Help W/ Downloading Tutorials

17 January 2008 - 02:14 PM

:wacko: I don't know what's happened here with my situation . I used to be able to highlight the tutorials in the newsletter, but now when I hit print or Ctrl+P it wants to print out the entire newsletter. It no longer lets me prints out "selection". I also used to be able to hit "File" then print..."File no longer exists! wish I could get over these stupid little problems and get on with trying to scrap!! sometimes I just wanna c ry :grr: :banghead: :sad040:

Number Of Posts

10 March 2007 - 04:58 PM

:o Seems I just saw this topic somewhere but can't seem to locate it! The number of posts I've made was correct up until I read that particular topic...now I've made a bunch- 5 or 6 and my post count read one thing thru all of those last ones up til today and I find all the posts I made today amounted to 1?????????????? I fail to understand this! Can anyone help me with this one?? Knowing that I need to add 200 more to my posts for the month I've added a bunch in 2 days time and haven't been credited for them :wacko: Please help! Thanks much.