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09 June 2006 - 11:15 AM

Awww, thank you all for the warm welcome!!

Lacy-You're Paris? We went once, about 4 years ago, for the day. Such a beautiful city but the driving scares the living daylights out of me!!! lol We are planning on going back in August so I can finally get to visit the Louvre.

Keri-There was some adjustment, but not a whole lot. Biggest things are no a/c, no Walmart and no Taco Bell!! As for LOs, I haven't done any digi-scrapping for several months but really hope to be able to find my way back to it in the very near future. :)

Sharon-LOL I'll do my best to help out if I can. :) Holland has some gorgeous architecture and nature areas, but it is extremely crowded.

Cindy-I'm fairly new to PSCS2, since January, but I love it. In order to finally learn PS (I have PS7 and PSCS too) I just had to uninstall all my other graphics programs. I use to just open PS, pick a version, and look at it, think it's too hard and close it again and go on...LOL I'm so glad I finally took the plunge and did it!

Betsy-I love living here. I haven't been back to the states yet, but hope to for a visit in the next couple of years.