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Help With Negatives Please!

20 February 2007 - 08:54 PM

I have baby pictures of my two older children taken on a 110 camera (anyone remember these!!) I had moved many times and had to split the photos with the ex-husband so most of the photos just seem to have disappeared however, I have ALL the negatives from that time so long ago in the early eighties. I have a scanner that will scan 35mm film but not the smaller stuff. Does anyone know if I have any hope of recovering these pictures!

I hope someone can help me , I have all my baby photos for my two littlest ones but the older now adult kids feel so left out when they look through the family albums and they only go back to when we all got married to " daddy" It's like their life began at age 4 and 6.
My oldest is now engaged and I would love to make an album for them with his childhood represented, including those first six years.