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In Topic: Midwest Meet-up 2016

22 August 2016 - 01:05 PM

I'm sorry that so many have had other things come up.  I think we had this happen once before.


Since i'm on the fence I don't want to vote one way or the other.  I probably won't know for sure until closer to it and see if things change with our schedule (which could happen)

In Topic: Retirement Sale

21 August 2016 - 08:45 AM

I told you very soon  :yippee:   It goes until Friday


Happy Shopping

In Topic: Midwest Meet-up 2016

19 August 2016 - 06:28 AM

I posted on the FB thread but i'm still trying to figure out if I can fit this in. 


I just sat down this week to talk to Gary and it looks like he's gone from Wed to Sun that week.  So that would leave the boys with my parents, and the whole thing of HS football fitting in.  I didn't really think of that to begin with because Friday is Varsity night, but there's a chance that they will play some.  I love the boys playing sports but i'm "that mom" that anytime they are participating I want to be there in case something happens.  Seen to many games that aren't in our town that parents didn't go to and their kids end up hurt. 


So i'm still up in the air on what I can fit in or how to make it all work out.

In Topic: Retirement Sale

18 August 2016 - 06:17 PM

You are correct, and it's coming up VERY quickly...I would keep an eye out for a newsletter regarding it soon.

In Topic: What's New in the Boutique? July 21-22 2016

22 July 2016 - 05:15 AM

Jopke has a few items also


Brush Set: Brush Art Effect 1


Clipping Mask Art Effect 2


Journal Art Paper 1


Sister Word Art


And Ginny has a new kit


A Beautiful Day Collection