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Disney Trip Digital Pages

23 January 2007 - 06:08 PM

I am going to digitally scrap our trip to DisneyWorld last week! It is going to be bits here and there over the next few weeks. I know a few had asked about Disney kits and ideas and I was sure looking for them before we left so I will add the links here as I finish the pages... so far I have our first ride of the trip done.

Our first DisneyWorld ride!!!

:) Teresa

Who What Where

26 December 2006 - 04:33 PM

Who are you?

What do you love most?

Where do you live?

I'll go first...

Teresa - a wife and mom most importantly

Video and Photography (especially of my girls)


How Many Will Have 2006 Scrapped By The New Year?

26 December 2006 - 04:29 PM

I have had my scrapbook goodies for paper scrapping on the dining room table for a month now and WILL NOT take it off until I get caught up from September to now. I think I may pull it off being caught up for 2006 when the new year rings in, except for a few prints that will be on the way from the lab and digital layouts on the way from the lab. That is my goal for this week anyway... what about everyone else? What photos are you scrapping now?

:) Teresa

What Have You Learned/found Recently

23 October 2006 - 07:26 AM

What do you think of a thread where we can post the latest technique or great find that we have learned/found recently so we can hopefully inspire one another to learn some of what will be listed that we don't yet. Sometimes I just don't get down to figuring it out or learning it because I just didn't know it was an option... would not have known what to ask because didn't think of it as an option for my scrapping. :) Hope that makes some sense...

OK... I'll start...

I found ScrapGirls first and foremost but that is a given for everyone reading this. ;)

I learned in PS this month ...

Replacing Color to tweak photos to more match the papers/lo challenge (have to use layers for this one if skin tones are involved) sample: http://scrapgirls.co...h...i&img=13450 I made an extra layer and used the marquee tool to trace around my daughter, they did layer, add layer via copy... then I was able to replace a chunk of the brown background to make it purple to match the color challenge... I did Image, Adjustments, Replace Color, with the color dropper and Selection at the top of the box, click on the color you want to replace and then in Replacement you click on a color you want to replace it with or move the three sliders at the bottom to get the color you want. Worth playing with on some photos. :) You can change pink headbands red and fix a few fashion oopsies if you were ever wanted to just to play.

That one also includes something I learned just last night!!! Creating a Clipping Mask, using the Scrap Girls layout templates... oh how nice those are! Even if you can do the tricks in Photoshop to get the curves or fades, those are so reasonable and make it so fast to get moving on the layouts! LOVE LOVE LOVE this clipping mask fun. Adding my cute papers to all sorts of shapes and swirls now. The ScrapGirls templates have great instructions but great great find and I resisted buying them. Glad I caved. :)

So there is a start... what is your favorite editing tip that you have recently learned or if you are a seasoned pro... just your favorite/ most used.

:) Teresa

My First Digital Lo

27 September 2006 - 04:24 PM