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Question About Pse7... Help!

15 February 2012 - 02:48 AM

My sister called me last night with a problem, but I couldn't help her... I promised her though, that I would ask You Girls!

She's using PSE 7 (I'm on PSCS4, and have never used Elements).
In PSE 7, she gets all Caps when writing...
It doesn't happen in Excel or Outlook, so it's not a Windows problem...
I know how to set my Charachter palette in CS4 to TT to write all Caps, and that was the advise she was given by somebody - to uncheck the TT.
But she can't even find her charachter palette in PSE 7...
Now, my sister is an original blonde, and it's usually down to just that and I'm usually able to help her! LOL!
But since I don't know my way around PSE at all, and don't know the differences between the different versions - I'm stumped here!

Hi, Scrapgirls! Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things!

03 February 2012 - 06:54 AM

I was here briefly in October 2011, but time to scrap has been very scarce during last year...
We were on tour most of the year, and the rest I worked in our store. it felt like a very loooooong, uphill battle.
Not only with a global recession going on, but they spent February until September re-doing our entire street.
The biggest pedestrian shopping street in Gothenburg was a big mess of sand, dust, rubble and huge holes for most of 2011!!!
That kind of affected sales...
Then our landlord decided to put in ventilation in our building. Sounds good, doesn't it?
It's been a right nightmare and we're now in a huge legal battle with him to recoup some of our quite extensive losses from this...
We had to close down entirely for almost 3 weeks, and then had parts closed for another 6 weeks...
This started August 30th, and they're still not completely finished!!!
And then Xmas-sales were down quite a bit too...

BUT, we've opened up a café in our store and starting with free mini-concerts this weekend! It can't get worse than it has been!!! ;-)

So, it's been tough and time-consuming and I haven't really had any time to scrap until the new year started!

All this time, I've still been a member of both SG Clubs, and I've shopped for new goodies on a somewhat regular basis.
Now I've finally started unzipping and organizing all of it! Soooo many beautiful SG goodies I can't wait to use!

And I'm scrapping!!!
I think I've done about 50 pages/LO's for a number of different projects/books during January!
That's what I do in the evenings now that we don't have to tour - I scrap and watch TV! I even manage to follow a couple of TV-series...

See You around the boards! :disappearing-smilie: