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April Showers

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In Topic: Weekend Challenge 8/1/15

Yesterday, 07:52 PM

I love taking pictures of the water!  Alas, we no longer live anywhere near 'real' water, so I had to go back a few years.


It looks great Liz! Thanks for joining in the challenge. I've just been editing photos from that same year. :)

In Topic: Weekend Challenge 8/1/15

Yesterday, 03:46 PM

This was hard!   I mean not the challenge itself, but deciding which of my water pictures to use...living at the coast I've got a lot from this summer, and haven't had time to do much scrapping.  ANYWAY...I chose my most recent pix from Friday night.  Here's mine.



Your page is gorgeous. Thanks for participating in the challenge!

In Topic: Weekend Challenge 8/1/15

01 August 2015 - 11:37 PM

I like glasses of water. lol. Any water for a layout is good.

Yep, water is water. That definitely works. ;)

In Topic: A Long, Long Time Ago...

01 August 2015 - 10:57 PM

I think I may have found something in an old email (thanks, lorac!!) it's called "Bachelor's degree in me." I'm going to see if I can find more in the newsletters, but she directed people to the forum and that was in 2006, so I'm hoping I didn't delete any newsletters! Thanks for all your help!!

Btw...is Ro still around?

Yes! That is what they were called. I hope you can find the newsletters too! I saved mine, but my sweetheart unintentionally deleted the folders when we were switching computers around. He had backed it all up, but I didn't realize it for a long time, so there were new back-ups in place by then.


Ro sold Scrap Girls to Debbie in 2012 and, sadly, is no longer a part of the forum.

In Topic: Im Really Old Here And Now New Again... Back After Ages...

01 August 2015 - 10:42 PM

Thanks for the welcome back notes! I tried what you said and went to the menu near my user name in the top right... And there is a section called CONTENT and then there is one called GALLERY but mine says no content. Yesterday I was able to find two layouts that were done for me in a partner type challenge I did, but I still can't find any old layouts. Any other ideas? Thanks so much!
Some of your faces look very familiar... I'm thinking maybe a few of us met at the first ScrapGirls Convention?
Anyway, again, thanks for the welcome and any help you can give seeing if any of my old layouts are around. I think it would be cool to see if I'm different now that I am starting after soooo long.


We definitely met at the convention. :D


I have no idea why the "My Gallery" link is missing at the top of the page. I logged into your account from the back end of the forum controls so I could see what you are seeing.


There is another way to see your images.


Go to your profile and click on the gallery tab. Your layouts are showing there. There is one missing the image... that happened during a forum upgrade way back then.

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Here are a few links. :)

Alex's Catch

A Truly Miraculous Day!

My Kids, My Heart


My Kids, My Heart

A New Camera, A New View

Uncle Ted


Let me know if you still have trouble.


And if anyone else doesn't have "My Gallery" showing like the screen shot below, let me know.

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Amy, it is possible that yours "My Gallery" link isn't showing because you haven't uploaded new layouts since the last gallery software update about 18 months ago. Try uploading a new page or siggy and see if it shows after that.