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Today, 10:25 AM


Don't know what week we are in, but here's another LO
Janine and Sydney



Doesn't this count for a LO in either week 1 or week 2? This was for the past weekend wild card challenge. I wasn't updated since the last time. I'm finding it  confusing keeping  everything straight!  But I'm having fun working at it.


It totally counts. I thought I had added yours.... I'll fix it. Sorry about that!

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Today, 12:58 AM

Hi April,


I just noticed I didn't receive credit for my hashtag layout that I posted on FB. I'm sure I put it in a public album. Can you not find it, or is there something else I need to do?


TIA :)

I saw it, I just missed adding it. Sorry about that. It will show in the next update.

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Today, 12:44 AM

I updated the chart a bit ago, I added layouts that were posted in the gallery whether or not they were posted here as long as the member signed up in this thread. :)

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Yesterday, 11:45 PM

I forgot to put the link here for the Newsletter Challenge 2-1-16, so here it is:


Winter Sunrise



I hope it's not too late to get a brad for this. I'm working on the Wildcard Challenge for 2-6-16 now and will upload it later.

I'll count it this time, but for the rest, you'll want them done by Sunday of that week.

We didn't specify when the week started in the instructions. For this month, I'm going to count the layouts posted on Sunday to whichever week you need it.


Edit: You posted lots of layouts last week. I use the date the layout was posted, not the date you add the link here, so I looked in the gallery and you posted two challenge layouts last week and the one for this week. You're doing great!

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Yesterday, 11:38 PM

Here is my layout for the weekend wildcard challenge: Teenager


I have a LO finished for the hashtag challenge, and I'll post it in the gallery, but I *think* I'm going to try to post it to Instagram just to see if I can do it, lol! I'm not on FB, so I can't help with that.




Got the hashtag LO posted to the gallery: Buddy

And Instagram :)


Since your Instagram account is private - can see there a tag, but I can't see it or whose it is. I am assuming it is yours.



Update: I just read your other post, so I'll check facebook. That is what happens when I go through the thread in order a day or two late.