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2015 Cookie Recipe Card Exchange

Yesterday, 10:14 AM


It's time for our 10th Annual Cookie Recipe Card Exchange and you're invited! We have a special, free recipe card template to help you get started. We love cookies, and we love getting new cookie recipes to try, so all participants will receive a sweet little ScrapGirls Boutique gift just for joining in.

Here's how to join in the fun:

  • Design a 4x6-inch recipe card (at 300dpi) using mostly Scrap Girls products. Use one of your favorite holiday cookie, candy, or sweet treat recipes - something "tried and true" is preferred.
  • All skill levels are encouraged to participate! If this is your very first time to try your hand at digital scrapbooking or if you’re a pro, please join in the fun!
  • When you design your card, avoid putting any text within ¼ inch of the edges. Anything close to the edges can get cut off when the card is printed.
  • Place your name or Scrap Girls Forum username somewhere on the recipe card (small text is fine).
  • Save your design as a JPG file, with a file name that includes your name or ScrapGirls Forum user name (for example, my file might be called aprilshowers_gingercrinkles.jpg.) We want to know who made what!
  • Attach your card to an email and send it to cookieexchange@scrapgirls.com. Please include your first and last name in the body of your email. A confirmation will be emailed to each person who sends a recipe card so they know their card was received. Please allow 48 hours for confirmation.
  • Cards MUST be received by Midnight (ET) on Friday, December 11th.
  • Unfortunately, if you don't send in a recipe card, you will not be able to get a copy of all the cards. No exceptions. Your recipe card is your ticket to all the fun!
  • We ask that you not post your recipe card in your Gallery, Facebook, or anywhere else until the swap is over. This way, we can all be surprised by the cards we get! You can post your own card in the Gallery or anywhere else anytime after December 13th.
  • Please don’t sell or give away any of the finished cards on blogs, emails, etc. You may print some or all the recipe cards as a gift for someone you know personally, but wide-scale distribution or sale is not allowed, as per our commercial use terms, which can be read in full here.
  • You can submit more than one card, if you wish - the more the merrier!

On or before December 13th, each participant will receive the links (via email - the same way links come when you buy Scrap Girls products) to download the recipe card files.Participants will need to include their First Name, Last Name and email address for us to send them the recipes.

Beautiful Brush Work 10Am Et

07 November 2015 - 09:05 AM

10:00 a.m. (ET) Beautiful Brushwork
Do brushes intimidate you? Do you sometimes forget to use them in your layouts? Join April (April Showers) in the chat room where we'll explore the versatility of brushes and the different ways you can use them to enhance your digital scrapbook pages.
Post your finished pages in the Digital Scrapbook Day - 2015 - Gallery.

December Featured Scrap Girl Contest

24 October 2015 - 09:10 AM

December Featured Scrap Girl Contest


Would you like the opportunity to work with our creative team and see your layouts published in our newsletters? This December, we will feature customer layouts in our Tuesday newsletters alongside our team Inspired Scraps layouts!


To enter the contest, submit the following to syndee@scrapgirls.com:

  • Your email address
  • A copy of your favorite layout (or link it if it’s posted on-line).
  • A copy of your best holiday layout (or link to it)
  • A sentence or two about yourself and how long you’ve been scrapping. 
  • Specify your favorite scrapping style(s) (for example: Heritage, Art Journaling, Traditional, Realistic, etc.) 

All entries are due by 11:59 p.m. (ET) November  8th


Everyone who applies will be added to a special drawing for a $50 Amazon Gift card!  If you are picked to be featured, you will also get free Scrap Girls products for your published layout.

Late Night Pajama Party With Bingo

24 October 2015 - 08:52 AM

Scrap Girls 11th Anniversary Party wouldn't be complete without a PJ party!


Tonight we'll be playing a game of Pajama Party Bingo! Put on your favorite pajamas, grab some chocolate and join April (April Showers) and Theresa (teecee) at 10:00 p.m. (ET) for some Late Night Pajama Party fun.


How to Play

  • Choose 15 of the 40 items below.
  • Post your list in this thread.
  • Join us in the chat room at 10 p.m. (ET)
  • We will "call" random words from the list in the chat room.
  • 5 matching words = BINGO.

Word List

  1. Anniversary
  2. Boutique
  3. Chatty
  4. Chick Flicks
  5. Chips & Salsa
  6. Chocolate
  7. Dance Party
  8. Digital Scrapbooking
  9. Duct Tape
  10. Eleven
  11. Fuzzy socks
  12. Gallery
  13. Games
  14. Giggles
  15. Hot Cocoa
  16. Ice Cream
  17. Makeup
  18. Marshmallows
  19. Memory Keeping
  20. Music
  21. Nail Polish
  22. Oreos
  23. Pajamas
  24. Party
  25. Pedicures
  26. Photos
  27. Pie
  28. Pillow Fight
  29. Pizza
  30. Popcorn
  31. Purple
  32. Retro
  33. Shopping
  34. Sleeping bag
  35. Slippers
  36. Snacks
  37. Soda
  38. Spiced Pumpkin Latte
  39. Sweets
  40. Twister

Forum Game: Twister

20 October 2015 - 06:56 AM

Right Hand Red, Left Foot Blue, it's time for  a game of virtual Twister!

First, take a virtual spin on the spinner. This is just an image of the spinner, it doesn't really spin. Feel free to use a real spinner if you have the game stashed in a closet!




  • Now choose a spot on our twister board using the coordinates below.
  • Each coordinate can only be used once.
  • Someone else must post before you can take another turn. You can use your four guesses all at once if you'd prefer.
  • We'll start with 4 turns per person, but I may add more turns if necessary to complete the game. :D
  • There are five prizes hidden under certain coordinates.
  • You can only win this game one time.
  • There aren't prizes hidden under the chalkboard, so if you can't see at least part of the dot, the prize isn't there.