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Ummm Hellllooooo

01 December 2013 - 08:58 PM

just wanted to say hi to everyone and to say I have missed you all over the last few months, we were gearing up for our son Aaron's bar mitzvah which took up a whole lot of my time.

I am thrilled to report that the whole week/weekend went off exactly as I had hoped and planned and that my time away from SG was well spent.
That said, I missed this place so much and am looking forward to being back, active and productive once again.

I hope that those of you who live stateside have had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are ready to celebrate christmas later this month. We are near the end of Chanukah which is always a wonderful holiday for us.

the kids are almost finished another year of school, yikes, and Aaron goes into high school next february…how did that happen?? and Jess has two years of school left, my babies are growing up.

we have dh's parents staying with us for …what feels like forever Posted Image but it is very special for our kids to have their grandparents here from England for a substantial amount of time.. (talk to me in january when they finally go home, lol)

summer is finally here, or at least it is for today, very hot here, but I will not complain as I love summer and the beautiful sunshine we have down here.

so I just wanted to say…hi there, I have missed you all and look forward to a new year filled with fun, love, friendship and creativity

Jo xx