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In Topic: We Need A Scrap Girls Convention!

16 April 2008 - 12:47 PM

Wow, I had to hunt to find this thread, after I started seeing all the blinkies and had NO idea what was going on! Now that I know, I have two issues that will probably keep me away, unfortunately... so I hope this DOES become an annual event, and that it moves from place to place, even though SLC isn't all that far from here.

1. Isn't SLC high altitude? I have only been there once, and I remember that getting there involved very high mountains. I can't do Denver, or most of Colorado and Montana, because of altitude. I get altitude sickness in a serious way, and even with meds, the blood pressure skyrockets right through the roof. We had to move away from one job DH had, because it was at 5000 ft.

2. the Jewish High Holidays, right then... all over the world.

Guess I'm going to be using the WAH! I can't go blinkie. Vaughnde, if I could pay your way, I would. You are so much more active on the boards than I am. I am the ultimate "hide in the corner" girl.

In Topic: Happy Birthday Surprises

16 April 2008 - 11:27 AM

Hey, thanks for my birthday gift! I loved having fun looking for something in the boutique. This is just a tiny part of what makes ScrapGirls special. Remembering birthdays with more than just an email saying "Happy Birthday", which can be set up to run automatically by computer: THESE gals remember us personally! :)

Thanks for helping me get through the birthday blues!

In Topic: I'm Back Again, Been Missing You All...

24 March 2008 - 03:52 PM

Thanks so much for all the "welcome back" messages. I was afraid I'd been long forgotten!

WOW, Kim, I can't believe it... it won't be long before baby arrives! You must be feeling lots of kicks and wiggles now.

Waving back at all of you. It's a beautiful day, today. I may go out for a few minutes today, since it is sunny and not much breeze. I'll take the camera, and my dog, of course. Poor Paul, he's had to have my very nice next door neighbor take him for walks for me. I started getting worried that he would think Judy was his new buddy since I don't take him out much. If I mention "walk" to him, his whole body dances with joy! He is so faithful, he stays right beside me, even while I am sleeping.

No daffodils in my yard blooming yet, but the one clematis is, and I have a few anemones already blooming, too...

In Topic: Organizing Newsletter Tutorials

24 March 2008 - 04:02 AM

OOOOOOOO, Pat, thanks for mentioning... I had forgotten about EverNote, because it was strictly Windows, but I just popped over to their website, and I see that they have a Mac version in Beta! I applied to be a beta tester... I really want this for my Mac. I have tried Skitch and a couple of others, but they aren't the same thing at all...

Jowel, head over to http://www.evernote.com and you will find out all about it. It's pretty inexpensive, and you can try for about 60 days I think, before you have to buy...

In Topic: Another Way To Organize Fonts

24 March 2008 - 03:41 AM

As a font-aholic, I probably have at least 12,000 fonts. I do have duplicates, and I do get rid of them when I find them. I just don't tend to want to play housekeeper in my fonts! I keep my fonts organized in two ways. First, by the foundry they came from, like P22, Linotype, ROB, 2Peas, Bitstream, etc. which helps enormously... and the rest, if I don't know the foundry, I have organized alphabetically. But it's great to find what I need.... and I have special categories of fonts for things like "Christmas" "Dingbats", etc., so I can grab what I need. You DO know that you don't need to load them all? You can keep them in a folder on your hard drive, and just open the folder, find the font you want, and click to open it... it will then be available to use immediately, without being installed. The "down side" of this is that when you close the folder, the font is no longer available until you open it again, but it sure keeps you from having so many fonts installed in your OS that it slows down your system.

This works equally well for Windows and Macs... but especially for Windows. I used to really love using Font Reserve in Windows, as I could create all sorts of sets, and enable/disable with a click of a button. Extensis bought Font Reserve, and so you now can use Suitcase, which is a great font management tool. For a free one for Windows, I'm trying to remember the name of the one I finally settled on... Font Xplorer, I think? I use Font Book on the Mac. I don't play much in Windows anymore, but I am still dual platform capable... I won't be going Vista anytime soon though... even the majority of the staff at PC Magazine prefer the Mac Leopard OS to Vista... now THAT is saying something!