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I'm Back Again, Been Missing You All...

24 March 2008 - 01:37 AM

Hi gang,

It's been a few weeks (well, it's been since Christmas, I think...) since I've been around here, and I've been missing you all like crazy! I am SO glad to be back. I've been ill again, and again, and in the wet, cold winters, with my "barely there" immune system, I kept having troubles. It's not QUITE over, but enough so that I am venturing back onto the internet more than for 10 minutes here and there. I am, at heart, a ScrapGirl. I don't want to be anywhere else! I have to laugh, though. I have yet to upload a single LO, I have been a member here for a year (I just realized I found SG's a year ago this past week!), and I am a "regular" member of both Clubs, and can't stop buying besides.... I think I'd better get busy! I have a great collection of supplies!

Oh, and hubby bought me a wonderful new camera for Christmas... a Canon 40D, with two really nice lenses, and I have to learn how to use it! This is my first digital SLR. I've been a regular film SLR user for years. I haven't taken many pictures yet, but I'm looking forward to it. It's sure better than the little digital point and shoot Olympus I've been using, but it doesn't behave like my old beloved SLR, either. I gave the SLR to my son some time ago, and I've really missed having TTL and the interchangeable lenses.

Well, guess I've rambled on enough, and it looks like we have lots of other new people. YAY! They know a good thing when they see it, obviously! The few times I did go out, I met a couple of scrappers here and there, and I kept telling them to "go digital" and "go to Scrap Girls"... I hope they did, and I will meet them here.

Sending lotsa hugs and kisses to all of you,

Introducing.... Me!

20 October 2007 - 07:07 PM

Well, I just realized that I never did come along and post an introduction in the message boards. I jumped in and commented in a topic and then had a computer mess, and didn't get back to the boards until fairly recently. So, here goes...

My name is Elaine, and my registered name, as you can see, is Luthien. That's my "elvish name", as I am a huge fan of Tolkien, since long before the Lord of the Rings movies came out. I have to say that it was Heidi that "spotted me" first, and figured out what the name meant, and it was so nice to have her write me a note! And Heidi, if you read this, I really apologise that I didn't see your note in my GMail account until recently (which is really dumb, I should never have put a GMail address in here, but I was new, wasn't sure of this group, and didn't want to put my "real" email in. I've changed it now. <smile>).

Back to the introduction. Yes, I DO tend to digress! I also love to use elipses in posts... a LOT. And I ramble. I am pretty much totally new to scrapbooking, I have never done one single scrapbook page, and while I have been buying and downloading lots of stuff, I haven't yet made a single layout digitally! I am a computer junkie, and love to paint and draw and design things. I have spent the past few years playing with PSP and learning how to do sig tags, stationary, and animations, but my primary computer use has been for designing web sites and graphic arts as a designer.

I turned 50 this year. I was widowed 10 years ago, and I have one son. I remarried... but my life had just done such a huge change, I think the past few years have been like they all happened to someone else. I'm not even sure how much I can remember of it, to be frank. And I do feel like now, I can be frank, here, in this place. I haven't been participating in the things I enjoyed, and somehow, through all that happened, I ended up with no real friends anywhere near me, geographically. I just haven't connected locally, though in the past couple of years, I've really tried hard. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I feel really alone, here, where I live.

I finally decided I needed to do something with my boxes of photos. I like to take photos! I thought I'd try scrapbooking, having heard it was a hot new thing. I went to the store and hit sticker shock! I thought I could just do something on the computer and then I could do exactly what I wanted. Poked around and found all sorts of digi-scrappers online... and was totally bewildered!

So, it's been a slow start for me. I had to get a new computer, we're remodeling our home, and so many other things going on. I have lost a lot of my bewilderment, in reading the wonderful newsletter every week, and learning more about what makes Scrap Girls so special. I found out that what I was buying from the Boutique was better quality and value than the things I purchased from other places. That everyone here really DOES care about each other, and have become a special family. So I am starting to feel like, this year, I am coming out of my shell. That picture you see of me, I took with the camera in my new iMac. It's the first time I have posted a picture of myself on the internet (and I've been online since 1983!), and I don't normally even let my family take photos of me. So, I guess I want you all to know that this is ME, and I am willing to be a real part of this group. Enough so I felt like I needed to be honest and post a photo of me, so you can see me. It may sound dumb, but it's a major big step for me to do this.

As I said, I have one child, he is grown and gone from home. My family is all back on the East Coast, and I live in the Pacific NW. I do volunteer work now, and I love to paint and draw, dye yarn and fibers to spin, and knit, make quilts, sing, garden, and play with my dog. My new husband is 17 years older than I am, and God willing, he won't go off and leave me a widow again. He's a terrific teacher; he teaches high school physics and physical science, and plays cello and guitar for our congregation. I think it's time for me to learn who I am and quit trying to be who everyone else always thought I should be. That's a big step! But I am hoping that I can journal-scrap my way through it, that it might even make it easier for me to do it that way.

Well, enough about me for now. Hello to all of you, I hope you will some of you decide I might be someone you'd like to be friends with.


Plugin Available To Open Psp Files In Photoshop

20 October 2007 - 06:20 PM

I just wanted to share something that may be of use to those of you who may have used PSP in the past, and upgrading to Photoshop, or using Photoshop (I'm not sure if it will work with Elements), and have found something you wanted to use in PSP format, and you thought you couldn't. You probably can, after all, both Windows and Mac users. I hope I am not violating any rules here by posting this. So far as I can tell, I am not.

There is a small company in Australia, called Telegraphics. They are specialists in open source software, and have created a number of very inexpensive sharewares that are really useful for us graphics users. One of them is a plug in to allow Photoshop users to open PSP files. Now, there ARE limitations, in that if you have a PSP file with several layers in it, you can only open ONE layer at a time, within Photoshop. But you can convert that layer to PNG, which makes it usable to us in Photoshop!

There are also some file "rescue/recovery" programs in there, to salvage damaged or corrupt files that you might not be able to open any other way. One is a beta version right now.

There is also a replacement for Adobe's Filter Factory, called Filter Foundry. If any of you are filter/plugin addicts, and I am one, this is a sanity saver! Free, $5 donation suggested. If you know of Filter Factory filters, you might know that they are the most extensive free filters out there for use in graphics programs. PSP uses them, too. As well as Adobe Photoshop. But Filter Factory hasn't been upgraded in order to work with the later operating systems. But now you can use Filter Foundry, and use all those great filters!

Here's the link to the site. They are free plugins for Photoshop and Illustrator, and other software, though they do ask for a modest donation. Finding this plug in again has really saved my bacon with a lot of my previously created graphics files. :)

There are some other cute filters here to do fun things, you might want to try. If anyone needs help figuring it out, Toby (the head honcho there) is very nice about being helpful, and I would also try to assist if I can. I am familiar with both Windows and Mac platforms.


Look for the Paint Shop Pro Format header, if you want to open PSP files in Photoshop.