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How Many Is To Many?

07 August 2009 - 11:09 AM

Hi Everyone,

I haven't posted in ages but I still stop by often for my "SG" fix.

I know everyone has read about hard drive failure before but it is so important that I'm adding my story to the list.

I have a Mac and added the "Time capsule" automatic backup. Also have Mozy and, until, the start of this
year I did a 3rd backup on an EHD. Yes, I became lazy at the beginning of the year and stopped the 3rd
backup to the EHD. Three backups seemed like overkill to me.

You guessed it! The day came when I couldn't turn on the computer; took it in had it repaired and brought
it home to reload. No worries, had 2 backups. Spent over a week trying to get them to reload, couldn't get
the TC to work it only downloaded the original programs, no data. Waited couple of days for Mozy to prepare
download for me but couldn't find it once I'd downloaded it.

The computer went down again and was taken back to store along with the Time capsule. Both drives were bad!!!
I'm very, very lucky. The techs were able to save Most of my content.

Although I have all my scrap supplies in 2 different places I lost my 2nd iphoto library ( That's
the one with all the Tagged items in it!!!! )and my most recent purchases.

Now 3 backups don't seem like overkill; in fact, 4 doesn't. I'm going to transfer data to a disc every month instead
of every once in a while and go back to using the EHD too!!

So please, BACKUP and backup and backup!!!!