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Midnight Scrapping- My Dirty Little Secret

26 April 2007 - 12:38 AM

I have been sneaking around, downloading all the freebies- then I bought a couple of kits and some brushes, so it is time to join. Does anyone else here let the housework pile up while they click the mouse? I just figured out PSP X this week and I am absolutely hooked. My LO's look like a 3rd grader did them, but if I hang out with you guys, maybe I will be a more sophistocated scrapper. Some of you are unbelievably artistic. My goal this week is to learn how to use brushes and maybe even make one. I also DL a bunch of picture tubes, but now have to figure out how to get them into PSP X. I am totally open for advice. :dancingchicken2: I just love dancing chickens- don't you?
BTW- what is a SPOILER?
Do I need a certain number of posts to participate in different things?


and yes- the dog bites. Crazy mutt.