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In Topic: Psp X3--To Buy Or Not To Buy....

08 July 2010 - 09:33 PM

No wonder I don't have any problems with it so far. I don't use the organizer! lol It's so easy to find what you want with the search box that's in the folders, that I do it that way. Good luck with PSx3!

Oh, did he happen to mention if you can run it in compatibility mode and get those options to work? :-)

I am not familiar with the search box that you mentioned Heatheranne. If it's not too hard to explain, can you tell me more please? I also am not familiar with running in compatibility mode either. He did not mention anything about this mode. Karen

In Topic: Psp X3--To Buy Or Not To Buy....

07 July 2010 - 05:21 PM

Hi all! Thanks for your input. I did call Corel today and talked with their support. I was told that PSP X2 is NOT compatible with Windows 7 and that could be my problem. He asked me how many bits my Windows 7 had. I answered 64 bits---he told me that had it been 32 bits the program might run okay but 64 bits is really pushing it. (I haven't a clue what that means!) The representative suggested trying the 30-day trial of PSP X3 to see if it will work on my new computer. If it does work out, then I can buy the upgrade. I'll let you know what I do.

Some of the issues I am having with PSP X2 Ultimate operating with Windows 7 are:
1. It takes up to 3 minutes for a file to come in to my organizer
2. When I click 'Browse More Files' in my organizer and pick a file from a scrapbooking kit, it shows up in the organizer with a aqua-blue skinny block where the words/title are supposed to be.
3. Deleting a file from the organizer takes 3 minutes for the process to be completed (yes, 3 minutes---I timed it!)
That's just to name a few! LOL

I appreciate your help and advice. Thanks again, Karen

In Topic: Are All Masks Created Equal?

27 February 2010 - 11:17 PM

Thanks for your help, Vaughnde. Your description was so clear and very helpful. The samples were very helpful, too. Thanks again for taking the time to come to my aide. I really appreciate it, Karen

In Topic: Need Help Installing Masks

24 February 2010 - 10:13 PM

I have some good news tonight! I did it! I got the mask to work today. I found a tut at one of the many scrapbooking sites I visit and after playing with it most of the afternoon, I finally got results! I found info on how to deal with non-textured masks (or solid black; no gray shading) and grunge or textured masks that include black/white/gray shading. Though I did not have to put the mask into the PSP mask folder, there are many steps to follow. One tut even has me use a 'split channel' on the mask to break it up by RGB (red, green, blue). That tut has 20 steps to follow-----BUT it works and that's what I was aiming for! Of course, the more I play the more I understand. Something to be said for 'learning by doing'! Anyway, I'd still like to learn how to save the mask in the PSP mask folder. But that's for another time! I will go back to Dee's explanation and give it another try. Maybe I'll finally 'get it'. Thanks again for all your input and help, Karen :2468who-do-we-appreciate:

In Topic: Need Help Installing Masks

24 February 2010 - 10:54 AM

I thank you all for your help----but "we're" not done! I did as Dee directed; source luminance was checked; and this is what I saw:
in the layers palette (from top to bottom) there was>>>
a transparent square icon named: Group Raster 1
**next layer was indented with a solid black square icon named: Mask Raster 1
**next layer showed the photo named Photo Raster 1
last layer showed a white square icon named Background

The photo I was trying to put the mask on did not change. The transparent layer was covering the photo. I changed the opacity of the black solid mask to see if the photo showed any changed; NO LUCK!

Let me tell you about the grunge frame mask I was using. The size is 2100X1500 pixels, rectangular and is a .png image. When I pull it out of the organizer it is see-thru (transparent) in the middle and the 4 sides/edges look grungy, rough, erased in shades of black/gray. There are no layers like a template (but I don't think there should be, right?) I have to be doing something really wrong. It can't be this hard. Anybody out there up for the challenge? I really appreciate you all! Karen