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Kelby One

27 November 2014 - 12:06 AM

Has anyone had any experience with the Scott Kelby site, Kelby One?  Or Photoshop User Magazine?  The are running some Black Friday deals, but I have never seen any content so I am not sure if it's worth the expense. 

Scrap 10 Scrapsimple Chat And Challenge 3:00 Pm Et

01 November 2014 - 01:27 PM

3:00 p.m. (ET) ScrapSimple Scrap10 Challenge (Melanie)

Do you have some ScrapSimple Template products sitting in your stash, but you aren't sure how to use them? We’ll be discussing our favorite ScrapSimple products and share tips for getting them out of your stash and onto your layouts. 





I will post the challenge after the chat.  This layout will count towards your Scrap 10 ChallengePost your layout in our Scrap 10 Gallery with the name of the challenge in your post.


The challenge is to use an SS Product in your stash that you have never used before.


Some tutorial links:

We Put the Simple in Digital Scrapbooking

1 Scrap Girls ScrapSimple Instructions Handbook (Free ScrapSimple basics eBook)

Brandy's You Tube Videos

Digital Scrapbooking Photoshop Tutorial: Blending Photos into Backgrounds using Brushes as Masks

Blending Modes

Digital Scrapbooking Tutorial: Adding Color to Digital Scrapbooking Embellishment Templates

Free Mini-Class- Diamonds And Tin: Working With Styles

21 October 2014 - 06:02 AM

Tuesday October 21, 2014 8:00 p.m. (ET)

In this Mini Class, Carla (crs) and Melanie (mbc72) will share tips for working with styles, focusing on diamond, tin, metal, and other precious gem styles! There will also gift for all participants from Ginny Whitcomb!


What are styles?

Styles apply effects to a layer.

What can you do with styles?

*Change the scale

*Edit the settings

*Copy style between layers

How To:

Most styles are applied by choosing the layer with element you want to add the style to and double clicking the style.  Some styles require that you first duplicate the element, then apply the style to the top of the two layers.

Tip #1- Scale Effects

To scale your style, choose Layer>Layer Style>Scale Effects and move the slider until your style looks right to you.

Alternately for some styles you can double click the FX button next to your layer name in the layer panel, which brings up a menu of editable options.

Note: Not all styles can be scaled or edited. Photoshop often gives you more control options than Photoshop Elements.

Tip #2 Adding additional styles to the same embellishment.

If you want to add a second style to a layer that already has a style, hold down the shift key while adding the second style.

Another option is to simplify your layer prior to adding a second style.  Simplifying the layer will render the first style uneditable so be sure to scale it before you simplify. 

Using the Scale Effects option to edit your style will affect both styles, so you may need to make adjustments using the menu options by clicking the FX button.

Tip #3 Recoloring Styles

Occasionally when using a style, it won’t quite match the colors on your layout and will need to be tweaked.  In Photoshop this can often be done by clicking on the FX button and adjusting the color overlay in the Layer Styles menu. 

Photoshop Elements doesn’t give you that same option.  An easy work-around I have found is to apply my style, simplify the layer, add a color overlay and use blending modes to get the perfect match to my layout.  Feel free to use whatever re-coloring method you like the most.

Tip #4 Copy and Paste Styles

Okay, so you have your style and it’s just perfect- finally!  Now you realize you want to add the style to another element and will have to go through the entire process all over again.  Not so!  It’s super easy to copy and paste layer styles. This can be done by right-clicking your layer and choosing “copy layer style.”  Then click on the layer you wish to paste it to, right click again and “paste layer style.”  This can also be done through the menu bar at the top of the screen: Layer>Layer Style>Copy (or Paste) Layer Style. 

Note that if you have simplified your layer style for any reason, this will not work.

Tips #5 Have Fun!

Styles can be used in so many different ways:  applied to text, they add a whole new dimension to your word art; add a stroke on its own layer and apply a style to give your embellishments a fun border; mix and match styles on your page to change the whole feel- grungy metals for a masculine page or shiny glitter for a feminine page.  Don’t be afraid to experiment, ctrl-z will undo a style, dragging the FX to the trash can will erase the style, or right click your layer and choose “clear layer style” to get rid of it.  That’s the joy of digital scrapbooking, you never run out of supplies and just about everything can be undone!

Light The Candles On Our Cake Game

20 October 2014 - 06:21 AM

All of the candles are lit, doesn't our cake look beautiful!


If you missed out on the game, but still want Ginny's cake image just leave a comment on this thread.




The Rules:

1. You must choose from the unlit candles.

2. You may pick one candle per post.

3. You must wait for 2 people to guess before you guess again.

4. Once all the candles are lit, the game is over.

5. There will be 5 winners for this game, so once you have won, please sit back and cheer on your fellow guessers.


Hidden among the candles are a $5 gift certificate to the boutique, a $3 gift certificate to the boutique and 3 ScrapSImple Card Templates of our beautiful Happy Birthday card. 


Everyone that guesses will get a free .jpg copy of the finished card, as seen above, minus the 50 candles!


Special thanks to Ginny Whitcomb for designing our game board and providing our template prize and freebie!


Good Luck!

9Am Template Chat And Mini-Class

04 October 2014 - 07:35 AM

If you're new to digital card making or simply want ideas for easy ways to create a greeting card using your digital scrapbook supplies, join April (April Showers) and Melanie (mbc72) in the Scrap Girls Chat Room. We'll walk you through the basics, give you a link to a free card template and share some of our favorite card making tips.



The template from the blog can be found here:  Card Template

Post your cards in the Greeting Cards Gallery




Hope to see you there!