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In Topic: Hello From Ohio

06 November 2007 - 06:32 PM

Hi there- I too am from ohio!!! Nice to see you have dipped into the digi world- Watch out- Its soooo addiciting! LOL

In Topic: Monday, 8/13/07 Challenge

13 August 2007 - 12:05 PM

Awesome Idea- Now, To decide which pleasure is my guiltiest, LOL--

In Topic: Photography Help Please

06 August 2007 - 02:02 PM

HAHAHA you are all funny! Its called pet eye! LOL-- the flash just caught a different part of her retna and caused a different reflection! If you can't get it fixed with the red eye tool- try pet-- And if that doesn't work, clone inwards from that dark black spot on the small corner of her pupil-- I do know that is the hardest type of reflection to fix-- Its only cuz she was looking away from you at an angle-- And to prevent it again, Whenever you are taking "action" type pics at night, change your flash to the fill mode-- it will cause the flash to bounce out in a circular motion instead of head on, and reduce your chances of red eye!

Hope this Helps deary-- PS she is just TOOOO cute to be demonic! LOL

In Topic: Old Photo Help

04 August 2007 - 11:40 PM

Try a plugin for PS called Grain Surgery-- ITS AWESOME FOR THIS!!! They have a free download trial-- Just search for Grain Surgery and it will come up number 1

In Topic: Quote Challenge Crop - July 29 - 9 Pm Et

28 July 2007 - 05:39 PM

so its tomorrow?? hehehe-- I think i can make it-- I HOPE at least!! i miss more than i want too!!!!!