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I Said I Was A Photographer~

23 July 2007 - 11:29 PM

So I stated in my introduction that I do photography, And i know that most of you probably looked at my gallery and thought, YEAH RIGHT! LOL-- So i posted two new pages of girls that i took photos of. Just to show you all what I do for work. I know that my pages may not always show the best photo skills when they are taken of my girls-- But, I have theory- If i always tried to get that perfect shot in everything- Then i will miss some of the most important things-- I try mainly to leave work at work, and just have fun with my girls-- Every now and then i will take them out for a photo shoot with Professionalism in mind-- But at home-- Its all point and shoot! LOL

You may check them out if you would like- Just to take a looksee at what I do.

Thanks SOOO much!

This is the link for one of them-- the other is right next in line in my gallery


Guess What I Never Did This! Lol

23 July 2007 - 03:57 PM

I never did post a topic to introduce myself- I just kinda dove in like a fish thats been outta water for way too long!

But allow me to do so! My name is Liz, I have 3 beautiful baby girls, IN which I scrap ALL the time!
I love Digital Scrapping- So much easier for me than the old way.
I design my own stuff, Solely because i want to show the girls when they get older and be able to say, Look Mommy did this for you all by herself!
I am a photographer here in Southeastern Ohio, AND LOVE IT!!!!!

I work in PSP, CS2 and AutoFX-
Use several different cameras, LOL-- I have many little toys!
And love adding special effects to photographs.

I am sooo glad to have found this wonderful site! You are all awesome, and verying inspiring too!!!!!
Thanks to all who has made my first weeks here SOOO GREAT!!!!!!!!!