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In Topic: New Mac User With Workflow Questions

03 May 2013 - 10:43 PM

Thanks ladies! It's going to take me poking around the finder to learn how to use it and how to set up files so I can find them easily. I've already changed things around around a little, but not too much. This mac is only for use when I'm on the road, so the 128 gig hd will be sufficient for that length of time. Then I'll just transfer my files to the EHD I use exclusively for Scrapbooking. I have another EHD exclusively for pictures.

I think I'm gonna hafta go mac when my current pc dies. And I'm thinking about Photoshop, too....I have it on my pc, and although they allow you to use it on 2 computers at a time, the computers have to both be either mac or pc. You can't use one for the mac and one for the pc. Bummer. Since I already have it on my pc, there is an option to change to the mac.

One program at a time! Thanks again, I'll be studying your suggestions and trying them out one at a time! 'ppreciate it!