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Toni L.

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Sara ArellToni L.

Happy Birthday to you!
Jan 19 2012 06:35 AM

Toni L.Brandy M

Just wanted to pop in and say Hello! Hope all is well in your neck of the woods! =0)
Apr 20 2009 10:50 AM

Toni L.justpattyanne

Just stopping by to say HI. =0)
Apr 20 2009 10:49 AM

Sherry LynnToni L.

Happy Birthday Toni, May your days and year be filled with love, laughter, good friends and good health!
Jan 19 2009 04:20 AM

hughesranchToni L.

Hi Toni...Best Wishes for a Wonderful Birthday!
Jan 19 2008 05:48 PM

Toni L.Shari PV Mom

Woo hoo!!! Congrats on Member of the Month!!!
{{big hugs}}
Dec 09 2007 09:22 AM

Toni L.Brandy M

Hi Brandy! Just a little note to say Hello and a belated congratulations on becoming a product designer! YAY!!!! =0)
Dec 09 2007 09:20 AM

Toni L.April Showers

I'm so happy you are Member of the Month!! What a great honor!! Congratulations!
Nov 04 2007 08:54 AM

Toni L.Priscilla9901

Thought I'd pop in and say HI! I read your blog and was very moved! You are an amazing woman! Have a wonderful day!
Oct 12 2007 07:46 AM

Toni L.Zaz

I absolutely love your new look! I love the rainbow look! So many colors! I hope you keep this one for a while. *smile*
Oct 03 2007 08:27 PM