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24 July 2007 - 07:51 AM

My names Meg, I'm 18, starting college in August, and getting married in December! I found Scrapgirls and decided to join because I'm new to scrapbooking, and I'm looking for some help and tips. I want to get better at it, because right now the pages I made look so plain... and they need some "OOMPH!" I figured the best way was to come here and learn from people who already know how to do it~!


I like the simple LO that have a few pretty embelishments the best actually.
Everything does not be fancy to nice.
You should post some of your LO or layouts in the gallery here
and post a link here so we can see.

Thier are many others just learning also.

Between getting married and starting college
you have a exciting a few months coming up.

Thank you! Yes, I will be posting what I have so far, and hopefully I can get some help! I don't mean to sound like a n00b, but what is LO? And is there a way to edit your display name? I wish I would have capitalized mine... lol.