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In Topic: Embossing Text

20 January 2008 - 04:53 PM

Okay, ultimately I've decided that beveling looks close enough to embossing for me. I tried the layer copying and was good up until using my selection tool - what is that exactly? Is it just "choosing" the layers or is it a tool in the set? I still don't get why the text path would only offer orange as the color, but maybe I'll stumble across a solution later - thanks everyone!


You can change the color of embossed text in PSE 5.0 by doing the following:

1. Select your text layer
2. Click the adjustment layer icon (black/white circle thingy)
3. Select "solid color" from the pop-up list
4. Choose the color you want your text to be.
5. Hang on and don't freak out because you can't see your text anymore! <smile>
6. Choose the OVERLAY mode from the blending mode options. Only your embossed and colored text will remain.


Okay, I got as far as step 6 and I can't find where to choose OVERLAT mode or blending mode. Help please.


In Topic: Stroke Outline Glittering

07 January 2008 - 11:33 AM

I have done a lot of "outline glittering" on recent layouts. I do exactly what was suggested above.

I make a new layer, usually below the item.

I select the area ouside of the item I want to glitter with the magic wand and then invert the selection. Then I modify the selection to expand it 5, 10, or 15 depending on the look I am going for.

I make the new layer active by clicking on it. At this point you can put a stroke around the selection or simply fill in the selected area. If I want to put a drop shadow on the item above the glitter then I fill in the selection and then apply the glitter style.

I love glitter styles!

Help! How do I get rid of the regular stroke line I used around the photo to start with? I'm not quite clear on the layer thing. Here's what I did. Someone please correct me if necessary. I duplicated the photo layer. I called it photo glitter. I moved onto the new glitter layer and ended up dragging out the photo to make it bigger. I couldn't find where to modify it by 5 or 10. Then I turned this picture (on the new layer) to completely cover it in glitter. This puts a glitter outline behind my original photo. I'm close but not quite there. Appreciate all the help. Janis

In Topic: Stroke Outline Glittering

06 January 2008 - 10:43 PM

Thanks for the great ideas! I didn't think about adding a layer to do this. I'll play around with this tomorrow. I'm looking forward to whoever invents the easier system too. Gotta say, I do love this glitter thing. I'm doing a Times Square layout and I want it to be glitzy.

In Topic: Glitter Element

29 December 2007 - 10:11 AM

Thanks. It seems like I can't really go wrong and once I get one, I'll want them all. :-) Janis

In Topic: Glitter Element

28 December 2007 - 10:57 AM

I've seen some layouts that look like they have glitter on them or on the alphabet. I want to purchase this during the great sale going on. Can anyone recommend a product to me?

I use PSE 5. Sorry I should have included that. :-)