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In Topic: Set The Ball And Bat On Fire!

20 July 2011 - 06:58 PM

There's always more than one way to do something. CS5 will probably be easier for you to manipulate the flames since it has the warp tools and style tools.
I'd probably find a picture of flames that I liked and then resize it to make it proportional to the bat or ball. Then I'd use the warp tool to bend it the way I wanted and a layer mask to hide the unwanted parts. I might also play with layer styles to make it seem hotter and more glowing.
Hope that helps. It's a start for you anyway....post again if you have more questions.

Thank you, I am going to give it a shot. Don't know until I try.

In Topic: Set The Ball And Bat On Fire!

20 July 2011 - 06:57 PM

Dimmy (DMI) has some flame photo paper that I used in a very therapeutic (if not very nice) layout depicting a former boss getting her just desserts (simmering in a warm and reportedly everlasting climate).

LOL Thank you so very much!!!