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Has anyone used a planner for exercise get healthy goal tracking?

21 February 2017 - 12:45 PM

Don't you just love it when an idea pops into your head and you want to do it right now but am not sure how to start?  Thats me today.  So if any of you have done this please give me some feedback. I have been trying to be more purposeful in setting small exercise goals.  As I was coming out of the gym today I had the idea that I could engage my sister in goal setting and keeping each other going and accountable.


My sister just had open heart surgery and I know she will struggle in the recovery phase.  She needs something to motivate her that will add a little fun or humor to the situation.


So I am thinking a small 3 ring 5x7 binder of some sort but not sure where to find it.   ????  We can both keep them and share them.


Syndees planner templates look like a possibility - has anyone used them?


Do you know anything about printing on sticker paper and making your own stickers? Where do you find that paper?  Where I am good at arranging things on my computer and making an end page product look good she won't be able to do that. if she is going to have some stickers and encouraging quotes she can add to her pages I will need to provide them.  I think an emoji sticking its tongue out with "this is what I think of my sister today" might be appropriate for her.


Any feedback would be appreciated and of course I need to move fast on the project ... she comes home this week and starts physical therapy in two weeks.


Thanks in advance for the feedback