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  2. MariJ

    November recipe swap

    This sounds really delicious, Grace and easy enough to make. I like that you showed a photo and your card is so pretty.
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  4. This is a lovely memory photo. The background papers are lovely.
  5. I love the little Robins and the flowers are so pretty.
  6. Oh this is gorgeous. Such a typical Christmas scene that we in Australia never get to enjoy.
  7. This would have been amazing to see. The Mushroom houses & fairies are truly enchanting.
  8. What a cool photo!!!! 😍 I love the stitched edges and the snowflake behind the smaller photo.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Classy Winter Photo: pixabay
  11. Thank you so much dear Tracy ❤️
  12. Adorable. I like the framing you included.
  13. Tracy

    November recipe swap

    YUM!!! I love that you used a photo of the soup. Looks amazing!
  14. GraceJ


    Love pumpkin cakes, and this sounds so unique, thank you so much for sharing. Nice use of the elements.
  15. I love the use of the torn paper and the fabulous clustering. I really love your recipe, for sure I'm gonna give it a try, thank you so much for sharing.
  16. For sure I'm gonna love this recipe. I really like how you used the pretty photo, glitters and the elements, so elegant and creative.
  17. Yummy! I really l love your card and that you included a picture of your aunt, brilliantly done!
  18. Pumpkin pie is one of my faves, actually love pumpkin in soups, pies or just out of oven, lol. Pretty card, love the border - cluster at the left and right, look like a pockets holding the recipe so creative!
  19. Thanks, Ladies! @Belle Google photos works the same way as Picasa as far as I know. It only has a 15 GB limit for the free account and that is shared with everything Google (Gmail, Docs, etc.). Since my stash is WAY bigger than 15 GB, and I have no desire to pay for the storage it would take to move everything to the cloud, I keep everything organized on a SSHD and backed-up on an EHD. Picasa seems to still work just fine, although I did turn off the option to upload to Google Photos. I'm just worried that it will become corrupt since it isn't supported anymore. I have everything sorted into folders labeled with what they are (Papers, Embellishments, WordArt, Alphas, Templates, etc.) and by collection and designer (I'm an old DOS person so my file structure is a bit complex 🤷‍♀️), so searching in File Explorer is possible as well. I just like that Picasa lets me compare things side-by-side from anywhere and pin things that I like.
  20. Love Eggnog, but in our family there are egg allergies so this is a great choice, sounds easy and for sure delicious, thank you so much for sharing my dear, I'm gonna give it a try pretty soon
  21. I really love veggies, and this recipe sounds simply delicious, thank you so much for sharing my dear
  22. Gorgeous card, love the stacks and the whole design!
  23. I really like that this recipe includes cranberry sauce and brie cheese, I feel that really adds a festive touch. So pretty paper choices, love the color scheme.
  24. Love oats, so this for sure is gonna be one of my very faves. I love the blend in the background, pretty card!
  25. Love couscous, and this recipe sounds delicious, thank you so much for sharing my dear, for sure, I'm gonna give it a try.
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